Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Animal Totems.......Vultures

Black Vulture

Turkey Vulture
Animism is the belief that all things carry life energy-this includes people, animals,rocks and plants.

Animals and humans have had to exist together since time immemorial, therefore it is not surprising that animals have taken prominence in our history, our religions and in our concept of spirituality-

 Picking up the story thread from my last post of totem animals ; another animal  has been making a lot of appearances in my life and it is the vulture.  Since we moved to our current location over a year ago, I have noticed the vultures that live nearby in a strip of woods down by the river.
I've come to learn that there are two kinds that reside here, the Turkey Vulture and the Black Vulture.

 I need to back up a little here and tell you just before our move last year to our present location, I began to notice some vultures had come to roost on top of an old abandoned house just down the road from where we lived at the time.
 One day I happened to look out the family room window and was surprised to see two vultures sitting on the fence right outside. I had never been that close to a vulture before.
This was curious.
I did some research and learned that the Vulture is associated with the Egyptian Goddess Nekhbet.
 She is the Goddess of Heaven, sometimes related to the sun when she is called, the Eye of RE and other times the moon and Goddess of Childbirth.
With our upcoming move I didn't find the time to do any further studies but I put the occurrence in the back of my mind intending to ponder what the meaning of the event could be.

Then a month or two after we had moved to our new home we decided to take a drive and locate the home of my husband's grandfather and grand mother. Hubby visited there when he was a boy and had told me stories of his adventures.

Driving around the town hubby pointed out the sites to me.  He took a wrong turn down a little dirt street.  We drove down the road  looking for a place to turn around and saw  a huge old tree that was covered in vultures!
 I mean covered!!  
 It was surreal.
Wait there's more......
A month ago  while driving I crested a hill and saw several vultures in the road. They were right there and I was upon them before I knew it. One hopped up and and began to fly toward me.
Luckily no one was behind me when I stopped short.
I did not want a vulture coming through the windshield of my car. The vultures scattered but one veered off to the right of my car.
 I slowly began driving again. That one lone vulture flew even with my car and at eye level with me for a  distance before he left.
The whole experience made me ponder  and wonder what it might mean.

I've had some discoveries..........but that's for the next post.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Signs From The Goddess

In my reading of late I have been touching on the subject of totem animals and familiars.
When I began my journey on the Path, birds, owls particularly played a roll in my instruction and education.
I have three patroness Goddesses  and of the three two have associations to owls, Athena and Hecate. The third, Hera, has the cuckoo and the peacock as her symbols.

At our previous home I often came in contact with the Great Horned Owls. They lived in a small copse behind our home. I would see them sitting in the trees right outside our family room window at dusk and would listen to them calling back and forth. Since the move to our new home, I've had a lot less contact. I miss hearing and seeing them.

  I recently came a cross the statement that various totem animals may move into and out of our lives depending on what lessons we need to learn or to help us address certain circumstances we are dealing with.

I got to thinking how peacock symbols have begun showing up quite often lately.
For me personally peacocks and Hera represent and address marital love and family harmony.  During my husbands career we moved often and family was always a state to two states away. Now we live an hour away from family and we are learning how to  interact with this new closeness.

The Goddesses(Divine Spirit  if you prefer) are always there to help, inspire and direct me. The way they make themselves known always delights and amazes me.
Wonder where they will take me next.

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Little Direction from the Tarot Cards

Last Thursday we were blessed with some sunshine.
 It was the perfect day and time to create an abundance and prosperity philter. After adding my ingredients,  letting the sun's rays shine through the bottle and oil; I visualized a green glowing aura around my heart and then sent it into the bottle.
 I used my oil to anoint a small green candle, which I lit in tribute to honor Thor, Hera and Zeus.
In my reading I have learned that there are three tarot cards that relate to the making of this philter and the subjects of abundance and prosperity.
They are the nine of pentacles, the ten of pentacles and the ace of pentacles.
I got my deck out and quickly flipped through my cards pulling these three out.
I sat down to record my information and to familiarize myself with their meanings.
 As I wrote down my information I was thinking and had been thinking about my art, what direction I want to grow it etc.
When I picked up the ace of pentacles card , I was surprised to see that instead of the pentacles card I thought I had pulled out was in fact the ace of wands card.
I laughed out loud when I read the meaning of this card
this card.
Masculine, creative energy and artistic inspiration is what this card shows, a good omen for starting a business!

Later in the evening I attended a Paint and Wine class, while talking to the instructor/artist I shared with her some photos of my art. She was very welcoming and mentioned some opportunities she thought I ought to check out.
Magick is a foot!