Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creating Oils

 We've been in our new home place for a little over a year now.
 I think I've finally settled where I will keep my personal library, herbs and candles.
  I'ts time now to recreate my working oils and philters.

When I began my journey, my guide/recipe book was Ellen Dugan's book , Book of Witchery.
 Later on I acquired Scott Cunningham's Book of Oils and Brews.
  In my reading I've come across several recipes for various oils that were applicable for me and have written them down also.
 Trying to locate some of the oils for these recipes have been quite a treasure hunt.
 Once when I was frustrated with the lack of resources, I wondered why is this so #@** hard!
It came to me that all personal quests that have value are never easy. That's why they're quests.
And if we are striving and progressing ,we are learning.

Consulting my BOS I began crafting a Courage Oil attributed to Mars on his day Tuesday.
I gathered my supplies of oils, herbs and stones, a small vial and label.
Upon crafting the oil, the smell from the mix was noxious. Something was not right.
The culprit was a basil oil that had turned rancid.
I began again only this time I put in oils I thought were contributed to Mars. Completed making the philter and discover it too wasn't right.

Okay, back to the books and a remedial course in herbs, oils and stones associated with Mars.
I find I'm always learning and sometimes relearning. But that's okay with me as I want to get it right.

Sun and Moon....

On Sunday I pulled the rune of Celestial Power-My Light Within.

When I began my journey on the Path, I chose Silver Ravenwolf's  book, Hedge Witchery, being based on nature and herbs, it spoke to me.
I have since learned there are those who do not take much stock in  S. Ravenwolf.
That doesn't bother me as it was the right place and subject for me as a beginner. And I still feel a connection to the material she presented.

In Hedge Witchery, one creates a set of personal symbols for runes  centered on the subjects she teaches.

She gives an affirmation for each subject and the one on Celestial Power is:

Just like the sun and the moon I bring light to the world.
I shine in everything  I say and do.
Just like the power of the Sun I attract all good things into my world and share this light with others.

She writes,the Sun or Greater Light stands for"I will"and the Moon or Lesser Light equates to the second sight of spirit.

I started thinking about personal light and what that means.   I have come to  think that our souls are possibly connected to Spirit through the electrical essence, the light if you will coursing throughout our bodies/brains.
We tend to forget that we are connected to others through this light or that we even have a light within.
What we do or don't do affects others and we may not even be aware that we have the power to do that.

But by consciously thinking I bring light to the world.
 I matter.
 And because I matter, I can shine and effect the things that come into my life.
 I can elevate myself , others and circumstances in my life to a better greater purpose.
Makes one realize that we can control to a point what happens in our lives by controlling ourselves, our thoughts and our actions.
And with the Moon's light we can grow the second sight of spirit.

I Can attract all good things into my world and I CAN share the light with others.
I'm working on growing my personal light this week by becoming even more aware of the moon's cycles and how I can apply the knowledge in my life.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Java Green Peacocks

Java Green Peahen

Close up of their feathers
I did some research and discovered there is a teal colored peacock.
 It is the truest natural North American peacock.
I did not know there were North American peacocks!

 The peacock everyone is most familiar with are the India Blues.

In my reading it stated the Java Green male and female juveniles are very similar in color and size.

This is the second time Hera has introduced her favorite birds,( North American families), to me.
The first was a live encounter with her Cuckoo , (The North American Cuckoo is the Roadrunner), and this her second the Peacock in a dream.

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Dreamed of Teal Blue Peacocks....Monday Musings

Early last Thursday Morning, I awoke with a fragment of a dream circling in my brain and it is still with me. I was in a court yard. It was surrounded with high stone walls and lush with plants.
I heard a bird call from high up. There on the wall were three beautiful teal colored peacocks.

Two flew down and landed at my feet, the third flew down into my arms.
From their feathers I could tell the two at my feet were female and the one in my arms was male.

I was mesmerized by their color.
As I petted the one in my arms, it's feathers felt so soft as soft as kitten fur. These birds were the size of large crows and their heads and chest feathers were teal colored as well as their tail feathers.
I know the peacock is Hera's bird/symbol.
So I wonder the meaning of dreaming of peacocks, why three and why two females and one male?
I will have to do some research....
Any thoughts?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Musings.....A Walk in the Woods

Sunday the weather warmed up and the sun was shining.
We drove to the Trace and wandered down paths in nearby nature park. It's a new park.
The paths are being constructed, if you can call moving dead tree limbs and rocks off a deer trail constructing.
It was the trees I was noticing, Beech, Hickory, Oak some Cedar and Pine.
When I go to touch a tree now, I feel hesitant much like one would if meeting some one's Grandfather or Grandmother for the first time. I want to be polite.
They're magnificent beings these trees. I wonder about what they might have seen and heard over the years.
I came home with a hickory seed in my pocket, a little kernel of infinite possibilities.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Invisible Ring

We live in our heads hearing only our voice, feeling and thinking these experiences of living happens only to us and us alone.
A door/ path opens/ appears and we find ourselves in a position where we begin to share our inner lives with others only to discover we are not alone as we thought.
We are connected in a circle by the invisible string of spirit.
 And when spirit begins to vibrate we are all moved in some manner.

It's something to think about...........................

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Musings...Facing a New Decade and Looking Back at the Old

Change doesn't happen all at once. It is a slow painful process, little things breaking, new ideas that aren't really new just old ones that have always been prickly but meaningful.
We keep them safe up high on our inner shelves with the thought we will get around to them some day. And every time we've come near them they have jiggled by the force of our mental footsteps ever closer to the edge.
 It takes just one small step, a small everyday action to knock them off and they break at our feet and now we must deal with this "Big'" change-mess.
   As the next decade fast approaches in my life, I stand and look back reflecting on the passing one.
 There was quite a lot of breaking going on for me. It held a death of a parent, the marrying of my last child, the births of my grandchildren, a major move, an honest revaluation of the relationships of the women in my birth family and myself and a complete rebuilding of my belief system.

Just seeing that written down makes me think,Wow!
 But it is the truth.
And the truth is I have never been happier as I walk this journey on the Path.
I feel as though I have found myself.
It is coming up on five years and I am still learning. Spirit, the Lady, Gaea, the Goddess what ever you may wish to call her is still guiding my steps.

Lately, She has been revealing, pointing out, making me aware of the subject of Trees and what they have to teach me.
For example, I just picked up a book and read about finding your guiding tree spirit. Yesterday an article about an Art exhibit at a local Garden which will feature paintings, drawings etc. about the beauty of trees. Today there was an article about a new art installation in a local library which consists of a flock of birds in flight created from the wood of a hack berry tree.
I must find the teacher now.
 I'm sure he she, it will appear.
Doesn't the old adage say, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."?

Sunday, February 1, 2015