Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Seasons ever circle. Change, growth, death, birth; the energy is never lost it just becomes something new.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's Time For Change

The Cauldron

It's Spring, a time for growth and change. I'm beginning a new chapter for this blog. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Animal Totems Continued........

Black Vulture
Last week I had to run to the neighborhood grocery to pick up a few things. The day had been cloudy, gloomy and misting rain.
 Driving home  I turned right onto my street and as I rounded the curve and my house came into view I saw two vultures sitting on top of my roof . They were a bit soggy looking.
It struck me funny and I laughed out loud.

That was the final push I needed to do some reading to find out what all this vulture contact might mean. I went on line and looked up several animal totem sites.

I found this information: Bird meanings in general deal with the Air element.
 Air is symbolic of the mind, thoughts, and intelligence.

The vulture is a master navigator of the winds which reminds us we might need to go back to the mental drawing board before acting in projects.
The vulture is a patient bird, circling for hours before acting, thus it relates to us as being patient with ourselves or in our lives. They encourage us to be  quite sure of how we feel before we enter the area of our plans.
Vultures are scavengers. The symbolism is resourcefulness, making use of the materials we have on hand. And using our senses to navigate in the pursuit of our highest benefit.
The vulture is also a Mother Bird. It is a fierce protector of their young and nurtures their brood  much longer than most birds.

The Mother Bird symbolism is also seen in the Egyptian mother goddess Mut who claims the vulture as her familiar.

In Roman mythology the vulture was the steed of the god Saturn ( dominion over justice, agriculture, harvest and strength via control) and Mars( representative of strategy, military, masculinity initiations and protection).

As far as relating what the meaning of their entrance into my life might mean  has taken some frank thoughts about this new stage in my,our, lives.  Patience to learn basic getting a round in our new city and state. Patience in learning how to deal mentally, emotionally and physically with my stepping over the threshold of a new decade in my life.
I am taking new looks at the stuff , the things I have and reassessing their worth and place in my life.
 I'm letting things go so new experiences/ things can come into my life. I'm learning how to mother myself by taking better care of my health.
I'm still learning but just as importantly to me I still want to learn, I still have the desire to do, be, see all the beauty the Goddess/ Mother Earth has to offer.