Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Signs From The Goddess

In my reading of late I have been touching on the subject of totem animals and familiars.
When I began my journey on the Path, birds, owls particularly played a roll in my instruction and education.
I have three patroness Goddesses  and of the three two have associations to owls, Athena and Hecate. The third, Hera, has the cuckoo and the peacock as her symbols.

At our previous home I often came in contact with the Great Horned Owls. They lived in a small copse behind our home. I would see them sitting in the trees right outside our family room window at dusk and would listen to them calling back and forth. Since the move to our new home, I've had a lot less contact. I miss hearing and seeing them.

  I recently came a cross the statement that various totem animals may move into and out of our lives depending on what lessons we need to learn or to help us address certain circumstances we are dealing with.

I got to thinking how peacock symbols have begun showing up quite often lately.
For me personally peacocks and Hera represent and address marital love and family harmony.  During my husbands career we moved often and family was always a state to two states away. Now we live an hour away from family and we are learning how to  interact with this new closeness.

The Goddesses(Divine Spirit  if you prefer) are always there to help, inspire and direct me. The way they make themselves known always delights and amazes me.
Wonder where they will take me next.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

You are wise to pay attention to the whisperings of the Divine.