Monday, March 2, 2015

A Little Direction from the Tarot Cards

Last Thursday we were blessed with some sunshine.
 It was the perfect day and time to create an abundance and prosperity philter. After adding my ingredients,  letting the sun's rays shine through the bottle and oil; I visualized a green glowing aura around my heart and then sent it into the bottle.
 I used my oil to anoint a small green candle, which I lit in tribute to honor Thor, Hera and Zeus.
In my reading I have learned that there are three tarot cards that relate to the making of this philter and the subjects of abundance and prosperity.
They are the nine of pentacles, the ten of pentacles and the ace of pentacles.
I got my deck out and quickly flipped through my cards pulling these three out.
I sat down to record my information and to familiarize myself with their meanings.
 As I wrote down my information I was thinking and had been thinking about my art, what direction I want to grow it etc.
When I picked up the ace of pentacles card , I was surprised to see that instead of the pentacles card I thought I had pulled out was in fact the ace of wands card.
I laughed out loud when I read the meaning of this card
this card.
Masculine, creative energy and artistic inspiration is what this card shows, a good omen for starting a business!

Later in the evening I attended a Paint and Wine class, while talking to the instructor/artist I shared with her some photos of my art. She was very welcoming and mentioned some opportunities she thought I ought to check out.
Magick is a foot!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's what I love about tarot. No card is ever a mistake!

Paulette said...

Hi Debra,
Nice to see you buzzing around:)
Thanks for the comment. As I work with my tarot deck, I'm always intrigued with the messages it gives me.