Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sun and Moon....

On Sunday I pulled the rune of Celestial Power-My Light Within.

When I began my journey on the Path, I chose Silver Ravenwolf's  book, Hedge Witchery, being based on nature and herbs, it spoke to me.
I have since learned there are those who do not take much stock in  S. Ravenwolf.
That doesn't bother me as it was the right place and subject for me as a beginner. And I still feel a connection to the material she presented.

In Hedge Witchery, one creates a set of personal symbols for runes  centered on the subjects she teaches.

She gives an affirmation for each subject and the one on Celestial Power is:

Just like the sun and the moon I bring light to the world.
I shine in everything  I say and do.
Just like the power of the Sun I attract all good things into my world and share this light with others.

She writes,the Sun or Greater Light stands for"I will"and the Moon or Lesser Light equates to the second sight of spirit.

I started thinking about personal light and what that means.   I have come to  think that our souls are possibly connected to Spirit through the electrical essence, the light if you will coursing throughout our bodies/brains.
We tend to forget that we are connected to others through this light or that we even have a light within.
What we do or don't do affects others and we may not even be aware that we have the power to do that.

But by consciously thinking I bring light to the world.
 I matter.
 And because I matter, I can shine and effect the things that come into my life.
 I can elevate myself , others and circumstances in my life to a better greater purpose.
Makes one realize that we can control to a point what happens in our lives by controlling ourselves, our thoughts and our actions.
And with the Moon's light we can grow the second sight of spirit.

I Can attract all good things into my world and I CAN share the light with others.
I'm working on growing my personal light this week by becoming even more aware of the moon's cycles and how I can apply the knowledge in my life.


Jeanne said...

Great post! I see nothing wrong with Silver Ravenwolf. If it feels right to you, then go with it. Not all authors are good for everyone. They're just like ice cream, everyone has a different flavor that is their favorite. :o)
Creating a personal set of runes is just the way to go....I need to see if I can find a copy of that book!

Paulette said...

Hello and Thanks for the comment Jeanne.