Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Musings...Facing a New Decade and Looking Back at the Old

Change doesn't happen all at once. It is a slow painful process, little things breaking, new ideas that aren't really new just old ones that have always been prickly but meaningful.
We keep them safe up high on our inner shelves with the thought we will get around to them some day. And every time we've come near them they have jiggled by the force of our mental footsteps ever closer to the edge.
 It takes just one small step, a small everyday action to knock them off and they break at our feet and now we must deal with this "Big'" change-mess.
   As the next decade fast approaches in my life, I stand and look back reflecting on the passing one.
 There was quite a lot of breaking going on for me. It held a death of a parent, the marrying of my last child, the births of my grandchildren, a major move, an honest revaluation of the relationships of the women in my birth family and myself and a complete rebuilding of my belief system.

Just seeing that written down makes me think,Wow!
 But it is the truth.
And the truth is I have never been happier as I walk this journey on the Path.
I feel as though I have found myself.
It is coming up on five years and I am still learning. Spirit, the Lady, Gaea, the Goddess what ever you may wish to call her is still guiding my steps.

Lately, She has been revealing, pointing out, making me aware of the subject of Trees and what they have to teach me.
For example, I just picked up a book and read about finding your guiding tree spirit. Yesterday an article about an Art exhibit at a local Garden which will feature paintings, drawings etc. about the beauty of trees. Today there was an article about a new art installation in a local library which consists of a flock of birds in flight created from the wood of a hack berry tree.
I must find the teacher now.
 I'm sure he she, it will appear.
Doesn't the old adage say, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a beautifully written post, Paulette! I think the Goddess Path can be very liberating for women or certain women, anyway. Clearly the trees are calling you! I'll be interested in hearing what they teach you.

Jeanne said...

Trees hold so much wisdom, should we only listen. There is nothing as sacred as a tree for it joins the above and the below.
After reading your post, Aine's post and the message that the Beech tree gave me, I feel that we are all in various stages of a journey. A journey that is wrought with challenges but when we reach the other side, we will have transformed and grown.