Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Musings.....A Walk in the Woods

Sunday the weather warmed up and the sun was shining.
We drove to the Trace and wandered down paths in nearby nature park. It's a new park.
The paths are being constructed, if you can call moving dead tree limbs and rocks off a deer trail constructing.
It was the trees I was noticing, Beech, Hickory, Oak some Cedar and Pine.
When I go to touch a tree now, I feel hesitant much like one would if meeting some one's Grandfather or Grandmother for the first time. I want to be polite.
They're magnificent beings these trees. I wonder about what they might have seen and heard over the years.
I came home with a hickory seed in my pocket, a little kernel of infinite possibilities.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Are you going to try to germinate and grow the hickory seed?

Jeanne said...

Reminds me of the acorn Bilbo carried home.
In my experience, Trees enjoy being touched. As long as it is not malicious. And They enjoy a good conversation.

Paulette said...

@Debra, I hadn't thought to plant it but that sounds like a good idea. I'm fond of hickory trees. My grandfather had two huge shag bark hickorys in his yard. Every Fall when we would visit, my sister,brothers and I would sit and crack the nuts. Hickory nuts are very similar to pecans in taste and looks.
@ Jeanne, I love touching the trees knowing that there is life coursing under the bark.