Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Java Green Peacocks

Java Green Peahen

Close up of their feathers
I did some research and discovered there is a teal colored peacock.
 It is the truest natural North American peacock.
I did not know there were North American peacocks!

 The peacock everyone is most familiar with are the India Blues.

In my reading it stated the Java Green male and female juveniles are very similar in color and size.

This is the second time Hera has introduced her favorite birds,( North American families), to me.
The first was a live encounter with her Cuckoo , (The North American Cuckoo is the Roadrunner), and this her second the Peacock in a dream.


Jeanne said...

Peacocks do live in North America and the most common is the one you have pictured. But they are not native birds to the North American continent. Peacocks are native to Asia.
Have you ever seen a pure white one? They are so pretty! I wrote a report for school (many moons ago!) about peafowl. I learned a lot.
I am thinking one of the messages you are being told is to trust your own confidence about what you know in regards to the path you are journeying on.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, I didn't know that roadrunners were members of the cuckoo family. Thanks for the info!