Monday, February 16, 2015

I Dreamed of Teal Blue Peacocks....Monday Musings

Early last Thursday Morning, I awoke with a fragment of a dream circling in my brain and it is still with me. I was in a court yard. It was surrounded with high stone walls and lush with plants.
I heard a bird call from high up. There on the wall were three beautiful teal colored peacocks.

Two flew down and landed at my feet, the third flew down into my arms.
From their feathers I could tell the two at my feet were female and the one in my arms was male.

I was mesmerized by their color.
As I petted the one in my arms, it's feathers felt so soft as soft as kitten fur. These birds were the size of large crows and their heads and chest feathers were teal colored as well as their tail feathers.
I know the peacock is Hera's bird/symbol.
So I wonder the meaning of dreaming of peacocks, why three and why two females and one male?
I will have to do some research....
Any thoughts?


Jeanne said...

Peacocks are symbols of confidence (lack of or too much of), spirituality and awakening. They were once used as guards for royalty in ancient Persia.

My Hubby's grandparents had several peafowl. I always enjoyed watching the males strut around the yard while the 'plain Jane' females went about their merry way, totaling ignoring the males.

Paulette said...

Hi Jeanne,
A goal I have is to grow more knowledgeable about the Craft. If this is a sign from Hera , which I'm beginning to think it is then I'm encouraged about this awakening.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Embrace your beautiful inner peacock and strut your stuff!