Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creating Oils

 We've been in our new home place for a little over a year now.
 I think I've finally settled where I will keep my personal library, herbs and candles.
  I'ts time now to recreate my working oils and philters.

When I began my journey, my guide/recipe book was Ellen Dugan's book , Book of Witchery.
 Later on I acquired Scott Cunningham's Book of Oils and Brews.
  In my reading I've come across several recipes for various oils that were applicable for me and have written them down also.
 Trying to locate some of the oils for these recipes have been quite a treasure hunt.
 Once when I was frustrated with the lack of resources, I wondered why is this so #@** hard!
It came to me that all personal quests that have value are never easy. That's why they're quests.
And if we are striving and progressing ,we are learning.

Consulting my BOS I began crafting a Courage Oil attributed to Mars on his day Tuesday.
I gathered my supplies of oils, herbs and stones, a small vial and label.
Upon crafting the oil, the smell from the mix was noxious. Something was not right.
The culprit was a basil oil that had turned rancid.
I began again only this time I put in oils I thought were contributed to Mars. Completed making the philter and discover it too wasn't right.

Okay, back to the books and a remedial course in herbs, oils and stones associated with Mars.
I find I'm always learning and sometimes relearning. But that's okay with me as I want to get it right.

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