Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This time of year I find myself making mental lists of books I want to read and study, potions and oils I want to make and I begin to plan what and where I want to plant my herbs.

I take walks and pick up pieces of lichen on the sidewalks. They've either fallen off the branches of trees or I think, the birds are gathering them for their nests.

The small river birch copse I walk by has long strips of paper thin bark waving in the winds and I pluck a few to create a cover for a book on Nature.

I worked cleaning up my herb supplies today, cleaning out bottles, counting my tags for labels and such.
I will begin a new book study course on Feb 2.

And on the creative side I am reworking a mini cupboard ( possibly it was a jewelry chest for a little girl? once upon a time) where I plan to store my philters/oils.

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