Thursday, January 29, 2015

Book Thoughts

Debra over at She who seeks mentioned having a binder for her BOS. I had thought of that at one time.
The thing that kept me from pursuing that route was the sound of the binder rings being snapped and unsnapped.
I really hated doing that when I was a kid in school. They were hard to manipulate and I was always afraid I
would get my finger caught.
Besides I'm a book snob too.
 I love books! Everything about them appeals to me.
So I lean toward creating my pages and then figuring out how I will adhere them to the existing pages of my blank BOS.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This time of year I find myself making mental lists of books I want to read and study, potions and oils I want to make and I begin to plan what and where I want to plant my herbs.

I take walks and pick up pieces of lichen on the sidewalks. They've either fallen off the branches of trees or I think, the birds are gathering them for their nests.

The small river birch copse I walk by has long strips of paper thin bark waving in the winds and I pluck a few to create a cover for a book on Nature.

I worked cleaning up my herb supplies today, cleaning out bottles, counting my tags for labels and such.
I will begin a new book study course on Feb 2.

And on the creative side I am reworking a mini cupboard ( possibly it was a jewelry chest for a little girl? once upon a time) where I plan to store my philters/oils.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Trees and What They have to Teach Us


Cotton Wood

River Birch
Think on these things...
Change comes in cycles

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Progress Report On My New Years Desires

One of my New Year Desires was to create more.
To that end I have offered a Challenge on my art blog, Art Dust, concerning Altered Envelope/ Mail Art. Each Friday I will be posting a new subject. This coming Friday the subject is Music.
I have been working on my Envelope today and part of that entailed some reorganizing of my stamp, collection.
Yes, I collect stamps, have since I was nine. There were small piles of stamps stacked allover the floor.Good thing my cold is better, if I had sneezed it would have been hilarious/disastrous! Snack size baggies to the rescue. Bless the person who thought the idea of baggies up.
Stop over at Art Dust this Friday and check out my art.
Also consider joining the Challenge. I'd love to have some competition.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolutions, Desires and Probabilities

Every time I have tried to make some kind of resolutions at the beginning of a year, I always have good intentions. Here comes the big but,.......

But some where in the middle of January I find myself already feeling guilty because I haven't kept up with them. This year I'm keeping my resolutions by not calling them resolutions but referring to them as desires.

I desire to read, study and learn more.
I desire to create more.
I desire to take more time to relate to, Gaia, Mother Earth by doing what I can to take care of Her.

I'm feeling and thinking that by taking this approach I'll have a greater chance my "Desires" (resolutions)  will turn into probabilities.

How about you?