Thursday, July 23, 2015

Oak Tree

Hubby and I celebrated our 40th Anniversary, June 20th.
We had a sunrise ceremony standing under this Oak Tree. We wrote our own vows, found a preacher who would marry us. And his daughter who was a coworker with my hubby was our witness. There was just the four of us.
We hadn't been back there in 39 years and we weren't even sure we could remember where it was.
At the time we had driven through the country side and liked the view and trees and came to the decision to hold our ceremony there.
Since we have moved back we thought we'd try and find that tree again.
Between our memories and a little help from the old guys at the local dinner we finally found the place.
It was special for me to stand under that tree again, look at the man I married and feel the love.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Harvesting Herbs

My herb pots and garden have been in full growth mode.
 We're mid summer season and I've already had to two harvests of my basil, parsley, lemon balm and lavender.
The sages are coming along and soon I will be snipping some of them for drying.

I'm collecting recipes and drying techniques as well as some organic insect repellents which I'll be sharing shortly.

Hope your summer is going well.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Seasons ever circle. Change, growth, death, birth; the energy is never lost it just becomes something new.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's Time For Change

The Cauldron

It's Spring, a time for growth and change. I'm beginning a new chapter for this blog. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Animal Totems Continued........

Black Vulture
Last week I had to run to the neighborhood grocery to pick up a few things. The day had been cloudy, gloomy and misting rain.
 Driving home  I turned right onto my street and as I rounded the curve and my house came into view I saw two vultures sitting on top of my roof . They were a bit soggy looking.
It struck me funny and I laughed out loud.

That was the final push I needed to do some reading to find out what all this vulture contact might mean. I went on line and looked up several animal totem sites.

I found this information: Bird meanings in general deal with the Air element.
 Air is symbolic of the mind, thoughts, and intelligence.

The vulture is a master navigator of the winds which reminds us we might need to go back to the mental drawing board before acting in projects.
The vulture is a patient bird, circling for hours before acting, thus it relates to us as being patient with ourselves or in our lives. They encourage us to be  quite sure of how we feel before we enter the area of our plans.
Vultures are scavengers. The symbolism is resourcefulness, making use of the materials we have on hand. And using our senses to navigate in the pursuit of our highest benefit.
The vulture is also a Mother Bird. It is a fierce protector of their young and nurtures their brood  much longer than most birds.

The Mother Bird symbolism is also seen in the Egyptian mother goddess Mut who claims the vulture as her familiar.

In Roman mythology the vulture was the steed of the god Saturn ( dominion over justice, agriculture, harvest and strength via control) and Mars( representative of strategy, military, masculinity initiations and protection).

As far as relating what the meaning of their entrance into my life might mean  has taken some frank thoughts about this new stage in my,our, lives.  Patience to learn basic getting a round in our new city and state. Patience in learning how to deal mentally, emotionally and physically with my stepping over the threshold of a new decade in my life.
I am taking new looks at the stuff , the things I have and reassessing their worth and place in my life.
 I'm letting things go so new experiences/ things can come into my life. I'm learning how to mother myself by taking better care of my health.
I'm still learning but just as importantly to me I still want to learn, I still have the desire to do, be, see all the beauty the Goddess/ Mother Earth has to offer.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Animal Totems.......Vultures

Black Vulture

Turkey Vulture
Animism is the belief that all things carry life energy-this includes people, animals,rocks and plants.

Animals and humans have had to exist together since time immemorial, therefore it is not surprising that animals have taken prominence in our history, our religions and in our concept of spirituality-

 Picking up the story thread from my last post of totem animals ; another animal  has been making a lot of appearances in my life and it is the vulture.  Since we moved to our current location over a year ago, I have noticed the vultures that live nearby in a strip of woods down by the river.
I've come to learn that there are two kinds that reside here, the Turkey Vulture and the Black Vulture.

 I need to back up a little here and tell you just before our move last year to our present location, I began to notice some vultures had come to roost on top of an old abandoned house just down the road from where we lived at the time.
 One day I happened to look out the family room window and was surprised to see two vultures sitting on the fence right outside. I had never been that close to a vulture before.
This was curious.
I did some research and learned that the Vulture is associated with the Egyptian Goddess Nekhbet.
 She is the Goddess of Heaven, sometimes related to the sun when she is called, the Eye of RE and other times the moon and Goddess of Childbirth.
With our upcoming move I didn't find the time to do any further studies but I put the occurrence in the back of my mind intending to ponder what the meaning of the event could be.

Then a month or two after we had moved to our new home we decided to take a drive and locate the home of my husband's grandfather and grand mother. Hubby visited there when he was a boy and had told me stories of his adventures.

Driving around the town hubby pointed out the sites to me.  He took a wrong turn down a little dirt street.  We drove down the road  looking for a place to turn around and saw  a huge old tree that was covered in vultures!
 I mean covered!!  
 It was surreal.
Wait there's more......
A month ago  while driving I crested a hill and saw several vultures in the road. They were right there and I was upon them before I knew it. One hopped up and and began to fly toward me.
Luckily no one was behind me when I stopped short.
I did not want a vulture coming through the windshield of my car. The vultures scattered but one veered off to the right of my car.
 I slowly began driving again. That one lone vulture flew even with my car and at eye level with me for a  distance before he left.
The whole experience made me ponder  and wonder what it might mean.

I've had some discoveries..........but that's for the next post.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Signs From The Goddess

In my reading of late I have been touching on the subject of totem animals and familiars.
When I began my journey on the Path, birds, owls particularly played a roll in my instruction and education.
I have three patroness Goddesses  and of the three two have associations to owls, Athena and Hecate. The third, Hera, has the cuckoo and the peacock as her symbols.

At our previous home I often came in contact with the Great Horned Owls. They lived in a small copse behind our home. I would see them sitting in the trees right outside our family room window at dusk and would listen to them calling back and forth. Since the move to our new home, I've had a lot less contact. I miss hearing and seeing them.

  I recently came a cross the statement that various totem animals may move into and out of our lives depending on what lessons we need to learn or to help us address certain circumstances we are dealing with.

I got to thinking how peacock symbols have begun showing up quite often lately.
For me personally peacocks and Hera represent and address marital love and family harmony.  During my husbands career we moved often and family was always a state to two states away. Now we live an hour away from family and we are learning how to  interact with this new closeness.

The Goddesses(Divine Spirit  if you prefer) are always there to help, inspire and direct me. The way they make themselves known always delights and amazes me.
Wonder where they will take me next.

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Little Direction from the Tarot Cards

Last Thursday we were blessed with some sunshine.
 It was the perfect day and time to create an abundance and prosperity philter. After adding my ingredients,  letting the sun's rays shine through the bottle and oil; I visualized a green glowing aura around my heart and then sent it into the bottle.
 I used my oil to anoint a small green candle, which I lit in tribute to honor Thor, Hera and Zeus.
In my reading I have learned that there are three tarot cards that relate to the making of this philter and the subjects of abundance and prosperity.
They are the nine of pentacles, the ten of pentacles and the ace of pentacles.
I got my deck out and quickly flipped through my cards pulling these three out.
I sat down to record my information and to familiarize myself with their meanings.
 As I wrote down my information I was thinking and had been thinking about my art, what direction I want to grow it etc.
When I picked up the ace of pentacles card , I was surprised to see that instead of the pentacles card I thought I had pulled out was in fact the ace of wands card.
I laughed out loud when I read the meaning of this card
this card.
Masculine, creative energy and artistic inspiration is what this card shows, a good omen for starting a business!

Later in the evening I attended a Paint and Wine class, while talking to the instructor/artist I shared with her some photos of my art. She was very welcoming and mentioned some opportunities she thought I ought to check out.
Magick is a foot!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creating Oils

 We've been in our new home place for a little over a year now.
 I think I've finally settled where I will keep my personal library, herbs and candles.
  I'ts time now to recreate my working oils and philters.

When I began my journey, my guide/recipe book was Ellen Dugan's book , Book of Witchery.
 Later on I acquired Scott Cunningham's Book of Oils and Brews.
  In my reading I've come across several recipes for various oils that were applicable for me and have written them down also.
 Trying to locate some of the oils for these recipes have been quite a treasure hunt.
 Once when I was frustrated with the lack of resources, I wondered why is this so #@** hard!
It came to me that all personal quests that have value are never easy. That's why they're quests.
And if we are striving and progressing ,we are learning.

Consulting my BOS I began crafting a Courage Oil attributed to Mars on his day Tuesday.
I gathered my supplies of oils, herbs and stones, a small vial and label.
Upon crafting the oil, the smell from the mix was noxious. Something was not right.
The culprit was a basil oil that had turned rancid.
I began again only this time I put in oils I thought were contributed to Mars. Completed making the philter and discover it too wasn't right.

Okay, back to the books and a remedial course in herbs, oils and stones associated with Mars.
I find I'm always learning and sometimes relearning. But that's okay with me as I want to get it right.

Sun and Moon....

On Sunday I pulled the rune of Celestial Power-My Light Within.

When I began my journey on the Path, I chose Silver Ravenwolf's  book, Hedge Witchery, being based on nature and herbs, it spoke to me.
I have since learned there are those who do not take much stock in  S. Ravenwolf.
That doesn't bother me as it was the right place and subject for me as a beginner. And I still feel a connection to the material she presented.

In Hedge Witchery, one creates a set of personal symbols for runes  centered on the subjects she teaches.

She gives an affirmation for each subject and the one on Celestial Power is:

Just like the sun and the moon I bring light to the world.
I shine in everything  I say and do.
Just like the power of the Sun I attract all good things into my world and share this light with others.

She writes,the Sun or Greater Light stands for"I will"and the Moon or Lesser Light equates to the second sight of spirit.

I started thinking about personal light and what that means.   I have come to  think that our souls are possibly connected to Spirit through the electrical essence, the light if you will coursing throughout our bodies/brains.
We tend to forget that we are connected to others through this light or that we even have a light within.
What we do or don't do affects others and we may not even be aware that we have the power to do that.

But by consciously thinking I bring light to the world.
 I matter.
 And because I matter, I can shine and effect the things that come into my life.
 I can elevate myself , others and circumstances in my life to a better greater purpose.
Makes one realize that we can control to a point what happens in our lives by controlling ourselves, our thoughts and our actions.
And with the Moon's light we can grow the second sight of spirit.

I Can attract all good things into my world and I CAN share the light with others.
I'm working on growing my personal light this week by becoming even more aware of the moon's cycles and how I can apply the knowledge in my life.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Java Green Peacocks

Java Green Peahen

Close up of their feathers
I did some research and discovered there is a teal colored peacock.
 It is the truest natural North American peacock.
I did not know there were North American peacocks!

 The peacock everyone is most familiar with are the India Blues.

In my reading it stated the Java Green male and female juveniles are very similar in color and size.

This is the second time Hera has introduced her favorite birds,( North American families), to me.
The first was a live encounter with her Cuckoo , (The North American Cuckoo is the Roadrunner), and this her second the Peacock in a dream.

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Dreamed of Teal Blue Peacocks....Monday Musings

Early last Thursday Morning, I awoke with a fragment of a dream circling in my brain and it is still with me. I was in a court yard. It was surrounded with high stone walls and lush with plants.
I heard a bird call from high up. There on the wall were three beautiful teal colored peacocks.

Two flew down and landed at my feet, the third flew down into my arms.
From their feathers I could tell the two at my feet were female and the one in my arms was male.

I was mesmerized by their color.
As I petted the one in my arms, it's feathers felt so soft as soft as kitten fur. These birds were the size of large crows and their heads and chest feathers were teal colored as well as their tail feathers.
I know the peacock is Hera's bird/symbol.
So I wonder the meaning of dreaming of peacocks, why three and why two females and one male?
I will have to do some research....
Any thoughts?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Musings.....A Walk in the Woods

Sunday the weather warmed up and the sun was shining.
We drove to the Trace and wandered down paths in nearby nature park. It's a new park.
The paths are being constructed, if you can call moving dead tree limbs and rocks off a deer trail constructing.
It was the trees I was noticing, Beech, Hickory, Oak some Cedar and Pine.
When I go to touch a tree now, I feel hesitant much like one would if meeting some one's Grandfather or Grandmother for the first time. I want to be polite.
They're magnificent beings these trees. I wonder about what they might have seen and heard over the years.
I came home with a hickory seed in my pocket, a little kernel of infinite possibilities.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Invisible Ring

We live in our heads hearing only our voice, feeling and thinking these experiences of living happens only to us and us alone.
A door/ path opens/ appears and we find ourselves in a position where we begin to share our inner lives with others only to discover we are not alone as we thought.
We are connected in a circle by the invisible string of spirit.
 And when spirit begins to vibrate we are all moved in some manner.

It's something to think about...........................

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Musings...Facing a New Decade and Looking Back at the Old

Change doesn't happen all at once. It is a slow painful process, little things breaking, new ideas that aren't really new just old ones that have always been prickly but meaningful.
We keep them safe up high on our inner shelves with the thought we will get around to them some day. And every time we've come near them they have jiggled by the force of our mental footsteps ever closer to the edge.
 It takes just one small step, a small everyday action to knock them off and they break at our feet and now we must deal with this "Big'" change-mess.
   As the next decade fast approaches in my life, I stand and look back reflecting on the passing one.
 There was quite a lot of breaking going on for me. It held a death of a parent, the marrying of my last child, the births of my grandchildren, a major move, an honest revaluation of the relationships of the women in my birth family and myself and a complete rebuilding of my belief system.

Just seeing that written down makes me think,Wow!
 But it is the truth.
And the truth is I have never been happier as I walk this journey on the Path.
I feel as though I have found myself.
It is coming up on five years and I am still learning. Spirit, the Lady, Gaea, the Goddess what ever you may wish to call her is still guiding my steps.

Lately, She has been revealing, pointing out, making me aware of the subject of Trees and what they have to teach me.
For example, I just picked up a book and read about finding your guiding tree spirit. Yesterday an article about an Art exhibit at a local Garden which will feature paintings, drawings etc. about the beauty of trees. Today there was an article about a new art installation in a local library which consists of a flock of birds in flight created from the wood of a hack berry tree.
I must find the teacher now.
 I'm sure he she, it will appear.
Doesn't the old adage say, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Book Thoughts

Debra over at She who seeks mentioned having a binder for her BOS. I had thought of that at one time.
The thing that kept me from pursuing that route was the sound of the binder rings being snapped and unsnapped.
I really hated doing that when I was a kid in school. They were hard to manipulate and I was always afraid I
would get my finger caught.
Besides I'm a book snob too.
 I love books! Everything about them appeals to me.
So I lean toward creating my pages and then figuring out how I will adhere them to the existing pages of my blank BOS.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This time of year I find myself making mental lists of books I want to read and study, potions and oils I want to make and I begin to plan what and where I want to plant my herbs.

I take walks and pick up pieces of lichen on the sidewalks. They've either fallen off the branches of trees or I think, the birds are gathering them for their nests.

The small river birch copse I walk by has long strips of paper thin bark waving in the winds and I pluck a few to create a cover for a book on Nature.

I worked cleaning up my herb supplies today, cleaning out bottles, counting my tags for labels and such.
I will begin a new book study course on Feb 2.

And on the creative side I am reworking a mini cupboard ( possibly it was a jewelry chest for a little girl? once upon a time) where I plan to store my philters/oils.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Trees and What They have to Teach Us


Cotton Wood

River Birch
Think on these things...
Change comes in cycles

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Progress Report On My New Years Desires

One of my New Year Desires was to create more.
To that end I have offered a Challenge on my art blog, Art Dust, concerning Altered Envelope/ Mail Art. Each Friday I will be posting a new subject. This coming Friday the subject is Music.
I have been working on my Envelope today and part of that entailed some reorganizing of my stamp, collection.
Yes, I collect stamps, have since I was nine. There were small piles of stamps stacked allover the floor.Good thing my cold is better, if I had sneezed it would have been hilarious/disastrous! Snack size baggies to the rescue. Bless the person who thought the idea of baggies up.
Stop over at Art Dust this Friday and check out my art.
Also consider joining the Challenge. I'd love to have some competition.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolutions, Desires and Probabilities

Every time I have tried to make some kind of resolutions at the beginning of a year, I always have good intentions. Here comes the big but,.......

But some where in the middle of January I find myself already feeling guilty because I haven't kept up with them. This year I'm keeping my resolutions by not calling them resolutions but referring to them as desires.

I desire to read, study and learn more.
I desire to create more.
I desire to take more time to relate to, Gaia, Mother Earth by doing what I can to take care of Her.

I'm feeling and thinking that by taking this approach I'll have a greater chance my "Desires" (resolutions)  will turn into probabilities.

How about you?