Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pretty Potions and Poisons Apothecary Updating

I pulled out my Apothecary to do some gluing and repair work. I created another mini book and a bottle of
Full Moon Hairy Herbs ( which is dried homegrown rosemary).
I'm working on some inner pages for my captured Goblins book and my Bat book.

Do you know any good Goblin and Bat poems?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's Almost Here!!

My Fall Fever has come on with a vengeance!!
I drug out my Halloween boxes and began the unpacking.....
Ohhhh....... it's just like opening up Christmas presents.

My creative juices are flowing. I got out my Apothecary of Potions and Poisons I created two years ago and decided to finish some of the little potion bottles and books I had wanted to add to it.

I am painting some small skeletons so I can create my Dance Macabre Theater.
Shows will be given Nightly right up to the Halloween Big Bash.

Is your Fall Fever acting up too?
Do you get Fall Fever?
I was talking to some newbie witches who had to ask me what Fall Fever was!!
It's Samhain! It's Halloween!! It's Wonderful!!