Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yule Tide Greetings, Thoughts and Observations

I'm still learning about all the Sabbats. Seems like I have to scramble to find time for private reflection and education. I decided that if I make a goal to write down and post what I learn it might help me to recall it better.
I have gotten to the point in my journey on the Path where I think , feel and relate to traditional Christmas in a completely different way.  I got rid of a lot of decorations etc. because I no longer connected to them.
I have started over.
And in starting over I find myself  reassessing everything and wanting to know the background history of all the traditions relating to this time of year.
I'm starting with a book called Celtic, Myth & Magic by Edain McCoy. I'm sure I'll be consulting other books and sources of information as I go along.

To Begin:

The word sabbat has a Greek origin, it's root word is sabatu, meaning "to rest". The sabbats are solar festivals of balance or of extremes, such as at the solstices or equinoxes,.
Each sabbat generally corresponds to some stage in the eternal, ever-renewing, life of the Goddess and the God.
The Sabbats were all fire festivals because of their association with the phases of the sun.

Yule is the celebration of the Winter Solstice.
Other Names: Midwinter, Sun Return,
Colors: Red, Green, and White
Symbols: Evergreen, wreath, Yule Log, holly, spinning wheels
Deities: Newborn Gods, Triple Goddess, Virgin Goddesses


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Luckily, most Christmas decorations have a pagan origin so decorating doesn't have to change all that dramatically! I do not use any Santa imagery at all anymore. I have one ornament of the Virgin and Child since she is really the Goddess in her Christian guise. And I still use a couple of Three Wise Men ornaments because they represent the spiritual search, which is universal.

Paulette said...

I got rid of any decor that dealt with the birth of Jesus.
i couldn't relate any more.
I put away Santa things as well til I came across some antique writings that view Santa as a Jolly Old Elf. I am looking at Santa in a different light these days....I'm still evolving..
Thanks for the comment Debra.

Samantha Stephens said...

Hi Paulette,
I'm catching up on the blog world and have enjoyed your December posts. I continue to evolve in my beliefs. For me Santa is Old Man Winter or an old Wizard. I think there are two or three Christian/Jesus symbols on the tree - Darrin is still a believer and it's only fair (we share the tree). Hope all is well with you. Yuletide Greetings!

Paulette said...

Hello Samantha,
Good to hear from you. Yuletide Greetings to you as well.