Friday, December 5, 2014

Yule, Season of Light

The Season of Light provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the idea that pleasure is something we find outside ourselves but happiness is found within.
Take time for a night walk to enjoy fresh fallen  snow or the crisp cool night air. Look up ,count the stars, gaze at the moon or watch the wind blow the silver clouds across the sky.

Bring some boughs of pine and holly into your home to place on the mantel , hang over or on the door. Smell their lovely scent accented with the cold winter air.
Bake your favorite cookies, cakes or pies and smell their luscious scents waft through the house.
Create pomander balls either with oranges or apples. They smell so good while they cure and even afterwards.

Basic Pomander recipe:

1 small apple or orange,
whole cloves
Using a fork prick holes in the skin of your chosen fruit, poke a clove into each hole.
After you've covered your fruit with cloves, roll in in a cinnamon filled bowl til the cinnamon is distributed all over the fruit. Shake off excess cinnamon.
Place your pomander onto a small dish and set on a table, shelve etc. and enjoy the wonderful smell of it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Haven't made a pomander in ages! Great idea and heavenly scent.

Paulette said...

I prefer apple pomanders. They smell awesome. I usually leave a space around the middle of the apple and tie a ribbon around it, in case I want to hang it some time later.