Monday, June 2, 2014

Life is All Around Us

Have you ever seen your plant move?
My aloe has really grown in the last six months,

 I had set it on a table in the corner of my living room during the winter months. That window had the best light exposure.
As I was watering it one day I realized it had really stretched itself to the left trying to reach for more winter  sunlight.
 We were getting ready to have some new window blinds installed so I picked it up and moved it onto a stool in my studio.
 Setting In this position the sunlight was to its right. ( the left side of the photo)

In two days the main stem of the plant had moved from facing the wall to the position it is in this photo.
 I should have taken a photo of it everyday so you could see how much it moved during the course of one day.
Everyday I would walk up the stairs to my studio and find that my aloe had moved just a bit more than the previous day.
It was an amazing thing to see. There is so much life force around us that we are so blind to.

Watching this wonderful phenomenon made me truly aware of the life force of Gaia, Mother Earth.

June..... Juno/Hera's Month

June is the sixth month of the year. It was the fourth month in the early Roman calendar, and once had 29 days.
When Julius Caesar reformed the calendar, he gave the month 30 days and made it the sixth.

June is named after the Roman Great Mother goddess Juno, the Greek Hera. This is the time of maximum light and minimum darkness. Juno is the divine watcher over the female sex and the month of June is held to be the most favorable for marrying.

I married my true love on the 20th of June.  We will be celebrating our 39th anniversary.
I raise a glass to Juno/Hera and will think of and honor her all this month.