Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Equinox

Mother Earth awakens! She stirs, sending forth shoots and leaves, whispering sweet desires, coaxing forth all who seek release from the bonds of Winter's Night
At solstice we sheltered, tiny in the still fathomless darkness.
Now like the bird in the eggshell, we've swelled to fill the space.
Our world grows tight, cramped.
We feel anxious.
Time to peck our way out and claim the promise of Spring.

Notice and name "What Binds You." Name the prisons of fearsome circumstance, disillusionment, or inner turmoil. Notice what feels blocked, stifled or hopeless.
Then Circle together to" Turn It Around!"
Stir  and flex your power. Stretch and moan, rock and sing and break free at the peak.

Emerge from the broken shell of winter.
Feel lightened, lifted, determined to leave the old world in shards behind you.
Sparkling with power and promise stride through the Gateway, between the pillars of light and dark.
Unbound, blessed and surging, retrieve the trust that comes with balance.
Thrive in the burgeoning light!

( a paraphrasing of Marian Spadone's writing)


Samantha Stephens said...

Thanks, I needed this. I feel like you are talking just to me. Hope Spring in your new home is happy and pleasurable.

Paulette said...

The daffodils and jonquils are popping up in bunches along a little stream in my new neighborhood.
While out for a walk last week, I came across my first feather ( a dove's tail feather) from Spirit in this new place.
It felt like a welcoming gift.
It made me smile.