Friday, March 14, 2014

Learning Lessons About One's Self

We have the Grandchildren visiting with us this week sans parents. I love my Grandchildren very much and their being here has brought home again the reasoning why I have only two children and they are 51/2 years a part in ages.

I don't deal well with sibling rivalry( the grands are 3 years apart). The constant who has or gets what, the picky eating habits etc. I'm having a hard time keeping my even sense of balance, patience, temper and holding on to the joy of my time with them.

How do you manage and take care of your children's children? I have to remind myself everyone has their own style of parenting. What they manage and select to deal with may not be what I would do.
So to love and take care of the Grands with out holding on to hard is proving quite a challenge.

There are lessons here that I will have to think on.

Tomorrow we hand them back over to Mom and Dad. The Grands are missing Mom and Dad and visa versa.

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