Monday, March 17, 2014

The Goddess has been in my thoughts a lot lately. Maybe because it is Spring and I see her handy work every where.
This morning as I cleaned up the guest bedroom from our recent visitors, I happened to look out the window. Down in the grass beside a shrub two mockingbirds were doing a little dance.
They stood looking at one another and moved instep with each other, turning first this way then that. One would step back and turn away then immediately turn around and make eye contact with the other. Watching them I wasn't sure if this was a mating dance or a little "This is my Territory" stand off dance. The dancers ended up under neath the shrub so I can't verify what the outcome was.

Saturday was Rhea, Greek Goddess of the Earth's Day. I thought of Mother Earth as we drove down the Highway. The trees are in bloom and those that don't produce large showy blooms were still dressed out in a quiet display of red and green tipped branches, where their tiny leaves are beginning to grow.

The grass was so green in the fields alongside of the road. It looked like emerald velvet had been spread out across the hill sides too. Such an intense green it almost made your eyes hurt with it's vividness.
I'm ready to start digging in the dirt, plant seeds and watch tiny little lives grow.

Thank You, Gaia, for your Loveliness.

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