Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Little Fairy Magic

The Green Man..a Fairy deity
As the chilly winds of the last days in March blow by we look to the Fairy World omens of Spring.
There is an old expression:" Keep your eye on the bunny and the bird," which is a fairy expression meaning that the answers you seek are often found in Nature.

Crows, for example, are favorable signs of a good crop.
Birds and rabbits, of course, bring messages of growth and a promising Spring.
Circles of mushrooms, which we often see in Spring and Summer, are fairy Rings and places of great power and magick.

Frequently around this time of year, Witches invoke or call upon the Fairy deity known as the Green Man. The Green Man embodies the spirit of growth and magic found in nature and is a sacred God of the woods and trees.

little egg nest mushrooms...part of a fairy ring
  For me Spring is a time of yearning, growing, flexing muscles, and learning new things about, Gaia, Mother Earth.
The amount of time I crave and want to be able to read and study the Craft  is growing again after the restrictions I have had to deal with due to our recent move.
The house and my studio are in the final stages of remodeling and updating.

I'm going to be picking up where I left off in my study of the Lore and Magic of Trees.
I'm also going to be picking up where I left off in my Tarot studies.

If interested check back; I'd love to know what tree mysteries and magic you have discovered.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Equinox

Mother Earth awakens! She stirs, sending forth shoots and leaves, whispering sweet desires, coaxing forth all who seek release from the bonds of Winter's Night
At solstice we sheltered, tiny in the still fathomless darkness.
Now like the bird in the eggshell, we've swelled to fill the space.
Our world grows tight, cramped.
We feel anxious.
Time to peck our way out and claim the promise of Spring.

Notice and name "What Binds You." Name the prisons of fearsome circumstance, disillusionment, or inner turmoil. Notice what feels blocked, stifled or hopeless.
Then Circle together to" Turn It Around!"
Stir  and flex your power. Stretch and moan, rock and sing and break free at the peak.

Emerge from the broken shell of winter.
Feel lightened, lifted, determined to leave the old world in shards behind you.
Sparkling with power and promise stride through the Gateway, between the pillars of light and dark.
Unbound, blessed and surging, retrieve the trust that comes with balance.
Thrive in the burgeoning light!

( a paraphrasing of Marian Spadone's writing)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19th

The day before the Spring Equinox is one of the festivals for the Greek Goddess Athena.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Goddess has been in my thoughts a lot lately. Maybe because it is Spring and I see her handy work every where.
This morning as I cleaned up the guest bedroom from our recent visitors, I happened to look out the window. Down in the grass beside a shrub two mockingbirds were doing a little dance.
They stood looking at one another and moved instep with each other, turning first this way then that. One would step back and turn away then immediately turn around and make eye contact with the other. Watching them I wasn't sure if this was a mating dance or a little "This is my Territory" stand off dance. The dancers ended up under neath the shrub so I can't verify what the outcome was.

Saturday was Rhea, Greek Goddess of the Earth's Day. I thought of Mother Earth as we drove down the Highway. The trees are in bloom and those that don't produce large showy blooms were still dressed out in a quiet display of red and green tipped branches, where their tiny leaves are beginning to grow.

The grass was so green in the fields alongside of the road. It looked like emerald velvet had been spread out across the hill sides too. Such an intense green it almost made your eyes hurt with it's vividness.
I'm ready to start digging in the dirt, plant seeds and watch tiny little lives grow.

Thank You, Gaia, for your Loveliness.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Learning Lessons About One's Self

We have the Grandchildren visiting with us this week sans parents. I love my Grandchildren very much and their being here has brought home again the reasoning why I have only two children and they are 51/2 years a part in ages.

I don't deal well with sibling rivalry( the grands are 3 years apart). The constant who has or gets what, the picky eating habits etc. I'm having a hard time keeping my even sense of balance, patience, temper and holding on to the joy of my time with them.

How do you manage and take care of your children's children? I have to remind myself everyone has their own style of parenting. What they manage and select to deal with may not be what I would do.
So to love and take care of the Grands with out holding on to hard is proving quite a challenge.

There are lessons here that I will have to think on.

Tomorrow we hand them back over to Mom and Dad. The Grands are missing Mom and Dad and visa versa.