Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Rite of Wood

Beech Tree

Yew Tree

Books and The Pursuit of Knowledge
In Silver Ravenwolf's book, Hedge Witch, the Twelfth Night Ritual is the power of wood.

The personal affirmation is-
Through personal education, I open the door to Knowledge.
Every day I will seek to learn something new and beneficial to my well-being.

She writes that one must concentrate on wood ( trees) and associating their energy with the longevity of Spirit and the protection it offers to plants and animals.

I think of this rite as a call for one to think about Gaia, Mother Earth, and her other children  that we share space with here....the plants and the animals. That by acquiring knowledge of them we educate ourselves to better preserve and serve  them and Mother Earth.

She also discusses animal symbols; how various cultures  over centuries have associated good fortune and personal luck with them.
She challenges you to look for your personal Hedge Witch lucky animal symbol.

My previous posts on Owls are connected to this rite. One overlaps the other and I find myself drawn to learn more about them both.

S.R advises that if you are spending some time on this rite say a week or so make potpourri or magickal sachets using barks, leaves, flowers and essential oils or decorate a wreath that matches the magical correspondences of what you desire to bring into your life.
Remember accepting your desire is just as important as formulating it and the act of creating it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I read of a neat ritual once where you pick a tree in your yard or neighbourhood and commit to spending 5 minutes with it every single day for the next year. You will deeply experience the turning of the wheel as evidenced by the seasons as they pass and affect your tree. It's a powerful form of mindfulness.

Paulette said...

This sounds very intriguing! I may have to give this a try.
Thanks for sharing Debra.