Monday, January 6, 2014

Owls and Such

When I began my journey on The Path, my reading lead me to the study of animals as familiars, guides and totems.
Webster's New World Dictionary gives these definitions to the words totem and familiar:

Totem-n[ Algonquian], 1. among primitive peoples, an animal or natural object considered as being related by blood to a given family or clan and taken as its symbol.
Familiar-n ) formerly a spirit believed to act  as an intimate servant.

At the time I was considering what my totem animal maybe.
I was studying Silver Ravenwolf's book, Hedge Witch, spells, crafts and rituals for natural magick. In the Twelfth Night ritual,she discusses associating the energy of Spirit with longevity and the protection of animals and plants.
The affirmation for this ritual is:
Through personal education, I open the door to knowledge. Every day I will seek to learn something new and beneficial to my well-being. Silver's symbol for this ritual was a tree or grove of trees.
She talks about  various cultures that have over the centuries associated good fortune and personal luck with animal symbology.
She challenges you to look for your personal Hedge Witch lucky symbol and learn all you can about the animal.
I began looking for my lucky animal symbol. It was Spring and I would find a feather every time I took a walk around my neighborhood. It made me curious about birds and how they are connected to magick.

I took a trip to my local book store and found a brand new copy of Adele Nozedar's book, The Secret language of Birds, A Treasury of Myths, Folklore and Inspirational True Stories.
It was sitting in the Bargain Bin and was priced $2. Synchronicity at work!

In doing my reading and research I felt drawn to the owl.  We had owls living in the small grove of woods behind our home. Hubby and I would listen to them call in the night. Occasionally we were lucky to get a glimpse of them sitting high up on a tree limb in the dusk.

 S. Ravenwolf instructs that the animal energy closest to yours will show up in the oddest of places.
 I wondered was the owl my animal energy?

 Not to many days later I had to stop by the grocery store and pick up a few things. As I walked by the magazine rack, a large owl starred at me from the cover of a magazine. It stopped me in my tracks.
Of course I had to buy the magazine.
Several days later Hubby and I were driving down the highway when a large truck pulled in front of us. It's logo was an Owl.
When I discovered a large feather on the sidewalk in my neighborhood and learned through research it was an owl feather, I knew beyond a doubt the Owl was my lucky animal symbol.

Fast forward several years and here I sit in my new little house in a different state.
 One of the magickal things I have wondered about was my animal energy. Would it change or would the owl still resonate with me?
 Was there,would there be owls here?

Two weeks after we moved in our home, Hubby and I had to take a hall table with a cracked leg to a local repair man's shop. Driving through the countryside was marvelous.
As we pulled into the man's driveway, I noticed he had an owl statue sitting on a post in his yard. I pointed it out to Hubby.
A few days later I had gone to our mailbox to collect the mail. It was sunset and there were Mare's Tails clouds sweeping across the sky that were the most gorgeous shade of  orange sherbet.
I had to stand back and look at them they were so beautiful.
As I followed one clouds outline against the sky, I spied on top of the roof of a house two doors down from us an owl.
It was a statue but just the same I had never noticed it before.
That evening as we read the local paper I learned that there is an Owl Nature Sanctuary very near to where we live and that they were going to have a Solstice Night Owl  Watch and Hike.

We are going I told Hubby and that's another story!...

to be continued......


Samantha Stephens said...

Wow! On several levels - just Wow!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Owl definitely has you in its sight!