Sunday, August 18, 2013

Synchronicity At Work

Hera's Bird, The Peacock
Synchronicity, A term coined by Jung to refer to his theory of meaningful coincidence, according to which psychic and physical events that do not stand in any discernible causal relationship may nevertheless be connected through the same meaning.

It occurred to me today that one must be aware and not ignore as happenstance or"just" coincidence the  signs sent from the Goddesses.
I've been wrestling with some issues lately trying to find my path and figure out where or what I'm suppose to be doing and/or going next.
I have been soliciting guidance from my patroness Goddesses, Athene, Hera and Hecate.

Hubby and I have gotten into the habit of an afternoon drive in the countryside. We have a route we follow. We love watching the seasons change the landscape as well as seeing what new developments have cropped up on the farms and homesteads we pass.
There is an urban farm of sorts we look forward to viewing. The home has a tall wire fence around it's property line. Slowly over time the owners have added goats,chickens, a cow and Guinea hens

     One day the guinea hens had escaped the fence and were pecking along the side of the road. It's made us take notice and be cautious when we near their property just in case there is an escapee or two.

Recently on a Thursday, Hera's day , I was thinking of her and asking for guidance. I asked for some small sign that I had chosen the correct course of action. That afternoon we took our usual drive and as we neared the urban farmer's property, Hubby said "Would you look at that! There's a peacock on the side of the road!!
There it was in all it's beautiful glory, strutting grandly along. We slowed down and looked at him as we passed. He was so beautiful, the blue of his feathers was amazing.
 I laughed to myself. Hera had given me my sign!
I mean really how many times does one see a peacock on the side of the road?
 It was the first time for me!
I had never seen a peacock there at that farm and I haven't since.


And just yesterday, I had been thinking of Athena and wishing that I could have a sign that the next step in our life will lead us to the Nashville, TN area and I would have the opportunity of becoming a docent at the Parthenon, Athena's temple which is located there.
Hubby records classic three and four star movies from the Movie channel during the day and we usually end up watching them in the evenings.
 He had recorded the old war movie, The Guns of Navarone, starring Gregory Peck.
 I was surprised that the opening scenes of the movie are of the Parthenon and the Kore, those classic Greek Ladies who hold up the Temple roof  and a view showing a statue of Athena.

I was smiling from ear to ear.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Altered Halloween Art Books

I created this Captured Goblin altered book last Halloween. The inspiration and instructions I found on M J Girling's blog, Her blog is called Seeing Things...that aren't really there.

MJ has shared several of her cool wicked Halloween project how tos and she has even made available her great graphics in easy downloads!
I've been working on creating a Secret Book of Sinister Potions.

After purchasing a paper mache book from Micheal's, I began the first steps of gluing down pieces of corrugated cardboard to the front cover in hopes of creating a design similar to what one might find on the cover of an old leather book. Strips of jute twine were added to create ridges.
In my stash of stickers I had some 3D Victorian flourishes I thought might work for the cover interest.
They required more tissue and glue than the prerequisite two layers. I really had to work the tissue into all those nooks and crannies. The red you see behind them was my attempt at adding some flourish using red paper valentine doilies.
After the gesso coating they disappeared.

For my acrylic paint coats I chose a mix of maroon and brown velvet. The object was to try and achieve an oxblood color. After my two coats of ox blood  were dried I added a light coat of black acrylic paint and wiped a lot of it off before it dried. It aged the book and really highlighted the crinkles in the tissue paper giving the cover a faux leather look.

These are my corrugated cardboard bookends. After they are glued down and painted they look just like pages.

The completed outside, now the inside decoration begins.

I found a really nice skeleton graphic at the Graphic Fairies website. It was downloaded and printed off onto parchment paper. I smeared some cocoa and antique page brown  colored stamp pads around the edges to give it an aged look. I cut pieces of heavy cardboard and covered them with dark green felted wool for the inside of the book. To hold the bottles in place I used pieces of black stretch elastic braid that were held down with black brads and glue .Once I had added my labels to my bottles I slipped them into position.

Remember how medicine came in all sizes of brown bottles when we were kids? I wish I had a few of those bottles now. I had to do some scrounging before I found the bottles I used to hold my secret potions.

Completed Secret Book of Sinister Potions.
Though I am contemplating whether or not I'll create a title for my book and print it on the spine with gold letters...We shall see........

Friday, August 9, 2013

Strength- Black Crow Tarot Lesson 11

Taming the beast is the message of this card. Notice the lady's manner and demeanor in which she tames the lion. It is a calm, patient and loving way.

Brute strength is not the method implied in the Tarot's Strength Card.  It is a card about strength but not the primal, survival type. It is a card that deals with mental and emotional strength.
Part of the lesson of this card is to accept your limitations and most importantly know your enemies.

The first question one must ask is..who or what are the enemies in this situation;  certain people, situations, behaviors or personality traits that are causing difficulties?
The topic for the reading, the other cards positions and where the strength card falls will help with this determination.

Second, know the enemy. Knowing requires exploration and understanding. It may also require some compassion and patience.
Knowing the beast doesn't mean that we are any less determined to tame it. We are simply using the human method of control; using the mind and emotions rather than the beasts brute force, which we would likely be no match for.
We are working to" soothe the savage beast" by finding the root of the beast's aggression/anger and defusing it.
This method not only works with others we may be in conflict with but also our own internal conflicts.

So when the Strength card appears in a reading there is an issue that needs attention. Someone, some thing or some inner turmoil is rearing it's ugly head and confronting us.
It may seem like an attack but often it is a cry for help.
One must gather one's strength, patience and take the time to get to know the enemy and in the knowing come to understand why the attach is happening. In the process one will be able to take control over the situation without aggression.
The Strength card is a card of healing. It can appear when heath concerns arise. In an upright position it is a positive sigh of healing in the near future- a reversed card could indicate the healing will take longer or on a different level.

1) Take some time to view other images of the Strength card-take note of the different and possible interpretations this card may present.

2) Who are your internal beasts? How do you normally keep them at bay?
If you don't use compassion/forgiveness/understanding already.. begin by understanding your beasts. Tell the story of the beast's life, starting with where, how and why it came into existence.

3) Have you ever applied the methods of strength in a situation you felt was a no-win?

4) Place the Strength card in front of you. Think about a situation(beast) that needs understanding
(clarification). This again can be another person, internal conflict or a certain situation in your life.
Choose another card at random, asking for understanding of this beast.
Try to interpret this message from the one card, or if you need more clarification , choose another card and read the three.

You'll notice that the Strength card's number is 8 in the Rider Waite deck and 11 in other decks. I've previously blogged about this difference.
Aine also presented Strength card as the eighth card in this lesson series. Because I came late to the lesson presentations I have been able to switch the cards so they will correspond with my deck.

The small book that came with my Tarot deck lists the key words for this card as
*Inner Strength
The synopsis given in my small book for this card touches on some of the aspects that Aine as presented in this lesson but I have to say she has explained it in a much clearer way for me.
I find some comfort in knowing that I already try to understand the whys of  people's behaviors when there is a conflict or a situation arises.
 I feel by trying to put myself in their shoes maybe I'll have a clearer picture of their actions. I may not agree with their actions or interpretations of any given issue but at least I will have some knowledge of how they arrived at their conclusions. And by having this knowledge I will also have a starting place for negotiations to begin.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Halloween In The Mail

Will Moses- Girls Night Out
I have always loved getting mail.
 It started with Birthday and Get Well cards from the Grandparents. 
The thrill of having an official important thing like a letter addressed just to you was a high that became addictive.
 One can only have so many birthdays. Plus my family pinched pennies and stamps were a precious commodity and not to be wasted. 
So I realized you had to be really sick to get a Get Well card, like when you get your tonsils removed.

Later I discovered a  new way to get mail . When I was thirteen I began exchanging pen pal letters with the girls I had met at Summer Bible Church Camp.
You can only review camp's activities so many times til it becomes a booooring topic
 And school starts and there's homework.....
Any way I digress.
While flipping through the newest Fall issue of Country Sampler, I spotted Will Moses poster Girls Night Out.
I have coveted that poster for sometime now and have talked myself out of purchasing it every time I have spotted it in various magazines
Not this time!
Coming off the high from completing my Halloween Card box I decided this time ...It is Mine!!.....
 plus it was on sale.
It came yesterday.
I danced  around the kitchen with the box feeling all giddy with delight.
Now I need to get a poster frame for it,........
Looks like I'm off to Micheal's.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Halloween Card Treasure Box

I've been busy working on creating my Halloween Card Treasure box.
 I began by painting the shoebox with white gesso. After it had dried I gave the box a coat of pumpkin colored acrylic paint.
I decided to use a 100%  black paisley print cotton fabric and batting while preparing the bottom insides of the treasure box.
Having my heavy antiques irons as weights during the glue drying process sure came in handy.
To cover the  small sides and the underside of the box's top I used a couple of scrap booking papers I had purchased last year. Because I had some size discrepancy I did a little" MacGivering" using scull and Happy Halloween printed black satin ribbons.

To decorate the top of the box I glued down pieces of Halloween themed paper napkins I had saved with gel medium. I also used some black and white printed vintage photo copies.
I added some stickers, paper flowers, a scrap of wrapping paper and a strip of pumpkin tape to complete the picture.
To facilitate opening the box I attached a piece of black grosgrain ribbon with a gold brad to the underside lip of the lid to the box.

I haven't decided if I will add anymore decoration to the bottom of the box or leave as is.
When everything is thoroughly dried I will concentrate on if I will need to create some card dividers or not.

I think I've started August off with a Halloween Bang.
Let's see......... what will I need to create next?