Saturday, December 21, 2013

Setting Up My Altar

I prefer a Northern/Earth position for my altar. Even though I am a Pisces and a water lover, I feel very close to Mother Earth. I've always been a barefoot type of woman.

Here in my new studio, I have a window that faces south, a repurposed dresser for storing my art supplies setting against a western wall and my sewing machine cabinet that sets against a northern wall.
The dresser has a good surface for all my altar items but I'm feeling drawn to the Northern wall and my sewing machine cabinet.
How do you decide where to place your altar?

Photo of My Altar In Our Previous Home

Happy Yule

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Day Is This? Moving Time Warp......

We closed on Tuesday the 12th of November, moved in our new home on 13th and ever since we have been up to our armpits in boxes, boxes and more boxes.
We unpack and sort the piles of stuff till we're dropping from exhaustion , head off to bed , drop off to sleep like rocks and get up the next day and start the process all over again.

My new kitchen has 1/4th the amount of cabinet space that my previous house had. I get the cabinets arranged, unpack a few more boxes and have to rearrange the cabinets again. It's a constant puzzle.
 As I make decisions about what items stay and what items go, I've noticed I have  this really  good feeling of being lighter, being less encumbered and freer of having to care for and look after all these things.

Dec. 12th, 2013
It's been a month today since we moved into our" little doll house"( that's how hubby refers to it).
And after all the fits and starts , good things are happening.
Under this December's waxing moon, I  have blessed our new home and have visualized  my roots growing deep here.

As soon as I get a working camera, I'll be posting pics from my new neighborhood.

A Little Snow On The Path