Friday, August 9, 2013

Strength- Black Crow Tarot Lesson 11

Taming the beast is the message of this card. Notice the lady's manner and demeanor in which she tames the lion. It is a calm, patient and loving way.

Brute strength is not the method implied in the Tarot's Strength Card.  It is a card about strength but not the primal, survival type. It is a card that deals with mental and emotional strength.
Part of the lesson of this card is to accept your limitations and most importantly know your enemies.

The first question one must ask is..who or what are the enemies in this situation;  certain people, situations, behaviors or personality traits that are causing difficulties?
The topic for the reading, the other cards positions and where the strength card falls will help with this determination.

Second, know the enemy. Knowing requires exploration and understanding. It may also require some compassion and patience.
Knowing the beast doesn't mean that we are any less determined to tame it. We are simply using the human method of control; using the mind and emotions rather than the beasts brute force, which we would likely be no match for.
We are working to" soothe the savage beast" by finding the root of the beast's aggression/anger and defusing it.
This method not only works with others we may be in conflict with but also our own internal conflicts.

So when the Strength card appears in a reading there is an issue that needs attention. Someone, some thing or some inner turmoil is rearing it's ugly head and confronting us.
It may seem like an attack but often it is a cry for help.
One must gather one's strength, patience and take the time to get to know the enemy and in the knowing come to understand why the attach is happening. In the process one will be able to take control over the situation without aggression.
The Strength card is a card of healing. It can appear when heath concerns arise. In an upright position it is a positive sigh of healing in the near future- a reversed card could indicate the healing will take longer or on a different level.

1) Take some time to view other images of the Strength card-take note of the different and possible interpretations this card may present.

2) Who are your internal beasts? How do you normally keep them at bay?
If you don't use compassion/forgiveness/understanding already.. begin by understanding your beasts. Tell the story of the beast's life, starting with where, how and why it came into existence.

3) Have you ever applied the methods of strength in a situation you felt was a no-win?

4) Place the Strength card in front of you. Think about a situation(beast) that needs understanding
(clarification). This again can be another person, internal conflict or a certain situation in your life.
Choose another card at random, asking for understanding of this beast.
Try to interpret this message from the one card, or if you need more clarification , choose another card and read the three.

You'll notice that the Strength card's number is 8 in the Rider Waite deck and 11 in other decks. I've previously blogged about this difference.
Aine also presented Strength card as the eighth card in this lesson series. Because I came late to the lesson presentations I have been able to switch the cards so they will correspond with my deck.

The small book that came with my Tarot deck lists the key words for this card as
*Inner Strength
The synopsis given in my small book for this card touches on some of the aspects that Aine as presented in this lesson but I have to say she has explained it in a much clearer way for me.
I find some comfort in knowing that I already try to understand the whys of  people's behaviors when there is a conflict or a situation arises.
 I feel by trying to put myself in their shoes maybe I'll have a clearer picture of their actions. I may not agree with their actions or interpretations of any given issue but at least I will have some knowledge of how they arrived at their conclusions. And by having this knowledge I will also have a starting place for negotiations to begin.