Saturday, August 3, 2013

Halloween In The Mail

Will Moses- Girls Night Out
I have always loved getting mail.
 It started with Birthday and Get Well cards from the Grandparents. 
The thrill of having an official important thing like a letter addressed just to you was a high that became addictive.
 One can only have so many birthdays. Plus my family pinched pennies and stamps were a precious commodity and not to be wasted. 
So I realized you had to be really sick to get a Get Well card, like when you get your tonsils removed.

Later I discovered a  new way to get mail . When I was thirteen I began exchanging pen pal letters with the girls I had met at Summer Bible Church Camp.
You can only review camp's activities so many times til it becomes a booooring topic
 And school starts and there's homework.....
Any way I digress.
While flipping through the newest Fall issue of Country Sampler, I spotted Will Moses poster Girls Night Out.
I have coveted that poster for sometime now and have talked myself out of purchasing it every time I have spotted it in various magazines
Not this time!
Coming off the high from completing my Halloween Card box I decided this time ...It is Mine!!.....
 plus it was on sale.
It came yesterday.
I danced  around the kitchen with the box feeling all giddy with delight.
Now I need to get a poster frame for it,........
Looks like I'm off to Micheal's.

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