Thursday, August 15, 2013

Altered Halloween Art Books

I created this Captured Goblin altered book last Halloween. The inspiration and instructions I found on M J Girling's blog, Her blog is called Seeing Things...that aren't really there.

MJ has shared several of her cool wicked Halloween project how tos and she has even made available her great graphics in easy downloads!
I've been working on creating a Secret Book of Sinister Potions.

After purchasing a paper mache book from Micheal's, I began the first steps of gluing down pieces of corrugated cardboard to the front cover in hopes of creating a design similar to what one might find on the cover of an old leather book. Strips of jute twine were added to create ridges.
In my stash of stickers I had some 3D Victorian flourishes I thought might work for the cover interest.
They required more tissue and glue than the prerequisite two layers. I really had to work the tissue into all those nooks and crannies. The red you see behind them was my attempt at adding some flourish using red paper valentine doilies.
After the gesso coating they disappeared.

For my acrylic paint coats I chose a mix of maroon and brown velvet. The object was to try and achieve an oxblood color. After my two coats of ox blood  were dried I added a light coat of black acrylic paint and wiped a lot of it off before it dried. It aged the book and really highlighted the crinkles in the tissue paper giving the cover a faux leather look.

These are my corrugated cardboard bookends. After they are glued down and painted they look just like pages.

The completed outside, now the inside decoration begins.

I found a really nice skeleton graphic at the Graphic Fairies website. It was downloaded and printed off onto parchment paper. I smeared some cocoa and antique page brown  colored stamp pads around the edges to give it an aged look. I cut pieces of heavy cardboard and covered them with dark green felted wool for the inside of the book. To hold the bottles in place I used pieces of black stretch elastic braid that were held down with black brads and glue .Once I had added my labels to my bottles I slipped them into position.

Remember how medicine came in all sizes of brown bottles when we were kids? I wish I had a few of those bottles now. I had to do some scrounging before I found the bottles I used to hold my secret potions.

Completed Secret Book of Sinister Potions.
Though I am contemplating whether or not I'll create a title for my book and print it on the spine with gold letters...We shall see........


Debra She Who Seeks said...

AWESOME! Yes, I think that title in gold lettering would "finish" the book off just right!

Paulette said...

Thanks Debra for your awfully nice comment.
I'm figuring out how I might make a stencil for the Greek word Pharmacopoeia. It will be the Title for my book.
I think...