Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Wheel of Fortune Card-Lesson Eleven

Sitting here on my covered back porch, the robins and wrens are calling back and forth. It's raining and the sun is shining.
I haven't posted a lot lately. There's been a lot up in the air in my life and a lot of waiting to see what's going to happen next.
So I find it appropriate, compelling, and fate driven that the next card I am studying in Aine's, Black Crow Tarot Course is the Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune card is all about cycles, wheels, fortune, fate, a turn of luck or loss of luck and of course, Karma.
Interpretations of this card are easier if one chooses to use the upright and reversed presentations.
The upright card indicates " good fortune" and the reversed "bad fortune" on it's most basic level. And you may get exactly that interpretation in a reading. This card's presence indicates a good or not so good turn of events.
You may not even need to use reversed cards to reveal this; you will know it either by intuition or by the surrounding cards.
Usually the Wheel of Fortune appears when there are karmic or fated situations present. It shows up when things are happening/ changing as they should be.
Cycles are ending and/ or new cycles beginning. The direction of a situation may be changing in some way and the way it is changing is as it must be and there is little that can be done about it.

One gets a sense that this card of otherworldly influences is involved in our life's situations.
 It's spiritual influence effects our physical influence, a bigger force is at work and we feel this presence by our ineffectual efforts regardless of how hard we have tried to control or change them. ( Amen to That!)

It all seems beyond our control and it is!
This card heralds a time of transition. The comfort comes in knowing the wheel turns and things right  themselves again.
The Wheel of Fortune suggests a necessary change ; a fated destined change or change caused by  the Karmic law of cause and effect.
The result of the changes is balance restored, equilibrium, the beginning of a new cycle, debts settled- a clean slate.


Reflect and study the concept of fate. Consider all that comes into play when one is faced with Karma, change, fated events or just the normal turning of the wheel of time.

Doing so will help you be a better, more able counselor to the seeker.

In reflecting on this past years events, I realize we aren't destine to make a major move yet.
For some reason I haven't uncovered, all my efforts, physical, mental and magical did not produce the buyers for our home.
It did produce a large number of showings and people touring our home. And those buyers who came close to making a  decision in our favor ended up going else where. Usually it was something we couldn't compete with or create in our home.
About this time last year our son and his family moved a thousand miles away from us. Our other son lives three hours away as well. We have no family here in this city or state. Our thoughts were that by moving back to my husbands home state we would be closer to our son and his family and to my husband's family..

 This will also be the last move we will make.  We would be going  back to an area we are familiar with.
And every time we have visited the area  where we wish to live; it has always felt right to me, that this is the place we are meant to be.
Not long ago I did a quick reading concerning the sale of the house. I pulled the hanging man and the wheel of fortune card.
I thought it may have indicated that we were literally waiting/hanging in the balance for a potential buyer to make an offer and that the wheel indicated that our "move " was coming.
Now I'm not so sure....
We have taken our house off the market to reassess the timing of our plans, to reassess our real estate agent's lack of  effort and spunk and to regroup from a year of always being on an emotional roller coaster.
I don't know what the "Wheel" has in store for us/me.
I'm anxious to discover just what it might be.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

May the Wheel turn in your favour and bring you good things!

Paulette said...

Thanks, Debra.

I'm still dealing with all the emotional let down, disappointment frustration and anger with this moving situation.
I've spent this last year saying mental goodbyes and emotionally letting go of things.
Now I have to find ways to reengage and reconnect..