Sunday, July 28, 2013

Collecting Halloween Cards

Some how I have amassed a collection of Halloween cards. It wasn't intentional. 
I really had thought I would send these cards to my various friends and relatives over the years.
 But I found myself really liking these cards and it got harder and harder to part with them. So I stuck them in a drawer with the promise of getting around to mailing them later.

Last year I started really looking for different types of Halloween cards and that's when I gave in to the obsession. 
I stand here before you with my Witches Hat  and Beaded Bat earrings on and loudly proclaim..


And no I don't need any help.

BUT, if you do feel moved could you send me a couple of cards or maybe some candy corn??..
The top middle card of the decaying pumpkin has the best sentiment. It reads,
"Jack was never the same after the operation...But he felt good about donating his organs for pie."

I really like the graphics and verse of this card.

 Wicked Witch of the West
and Jack  Skellington are Musical cards

Double Faced Stand Up Card

Pop Out Card

Cut Out Double Faced Card

Mobile Halloween Card

I have decided to create a Halloween Box to hold my cards.  Remember making Valentine boxes for grade school?
I'll be showing off the Box when I'm done creating it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I sent that organs-for-pie-donation one to my sister a few years ago. Very funny! You've got some beautiful cards in your collection and a special Halloween box to hold them in is a great idea.

Celia said...

Oh! I LOVE your Halloween card collection!!! I too am a Halloween Addict!