Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Practical Magic Altered Art Book

I was going through my photos of altered art books I have created and came across these.
They are photos taken of the Practical Magic Altered Art Book I made as a party favor for the Second Annual Practical Magic Blog Party ,hosted by Frosted Petunias.

I'm in need of another shot of Practical Magic. I think I'll get my DVD out and play it this evening. I'm also thinking I need to create another altered art book.........
What do you think?


Witchy J said...

I love the Practical Magic film. I missed the blog party last year, maybe it will run again this. It's good to see your Altered art book again. What are you thinking of doing for your next one, another practical magic or a different one?


Paulette said...

I was contemplating creating another Practical Magic book but maybe I should do a Bell, Book and Candle altered art booK. I'll have to think on these things. I'm open to suggestions.