Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lesson Nine- Justice

True to many of the Tarot cards, the Justice card can indicate its' most literal sense-Justice.
The playing field is once again made equal by setting things straight. It is the eye for an eye, Karmic revenge or demanding payment of a karmic debt.
One must remember the Tarot speaks in symbolism and these symbols will reappear time and again.
The sword for instance is a symbol of the linear mind, absolutes, truth, strength. The scales are a symbol of balance. In this instance the necessary balance of Karma, Cause and Effect.
The card must be looked at in its context. If we are exploring an inner situation the seekers or others desires or motives, we would look to the inner presentation of the Justice card, which would include scrutiny, careful consideration, weighing of options,  and seeing the truth of a matter ( often hidden).
Justice is not blind. She wears no blindfold. Her eyes are wide open suggesting besides observing the rules, careful observations, logical thinking of the situations without emotional coloring and balancing both sides of the question.

There are many similarities between the Justice card and the High Priestess card. The latter suggests using intuition as the guide while the former speaks to concrete evidence and linear thinking.
In a reading the seeker will be advised to keep emotions and feelings out of the decision making process. The facts nothing but the facts.
The Justice card may also speak to the obvious first impression; the legal system, court proceedings, judges etc. As readers we must keep this in mind. It is surprising how often the Tarot will present in this fashion. When a message needs to be crystal clear, it will be sent in the most basic way.
Justice is a card of truth. It advises truthfulness to yourself, your morals and your judgement.

Exercises: Take the Justice card and use it as a "theme" card to gain insights about its energy in your life.Take the card from your deck and lay it face up on the table. Spend some time examining the card and all its symbols. Hold the remaining cards in your hand, ask for a message regarding the ways in which the ideas of truth, justice , fairness and balance have a place in your life or in regards to current situations.
Pull two cards and interpret. Document the cards pulled and your interpretations in your journal-

Lady Justice sits on her throne of wisdom a balance in her left hand and the sword of truth in her right. She looks straight at me.
The two cards I pulled are the two of Pentacles and the Magician.
The Big Situation in my life for the last nine and a half months has been the selling of our home. I feel like a One Note Nora, my question has been the same , Will our house sale? Has the potential buyer darken our door?
We have had one offer on the house but it was so low that it was ridiculous and that was late last Fall. We have had tons of showings. In fact it averages out to a showing and a half per week since we went on the market in the third week of last July.
Living in limbo for over nine months is taxing on the nerves.   But all the cards that I have been pulling all seem to say...Patience, Workable Business Activities, Fluidity, Growth and Finances.
When I did the exercise for The Chariot card I pulled the Temperance card.
At one point two weeks ago after a third showing to the same out of state couple. I pulled the Hangman. In reading the meaning of this card, I had to laugh when I read ,On a mundane level, this card can  quite literally indicate a period of hanging around waiting for the outcome of a major decision or a pending contract.

I know that the place we are wanting to move to is right. It is where we lived for a very short time when we were first married. Our eldest child was born there as well.
Am I missing something? What am I not seeing?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope your house sells soon and for the price you are asking!

Paulette said...

Thanks Debra,

Could you possibly light a candle and send me good wishes? I'll take all the help I can get!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Will do!