Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hawk Encounter/ Updated June 12th, 2013

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At the borders of Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles, we had a close encounter with a pair of Hawks on Friday, May 17th.
Heading  on to Santa Fe , New Mexico after visiting family in Guthrie, OK. we neared Erick, the last small town on Interstate 40. Noon was approaching and we were discussing where we might stop for lunch.
A large RV was lumbering by us in the passing lane when out of the tree line on our right, two large hawks, one light/white colored and one dark colored, came diving from the tree tops.
Now that I've had time to review and replay  it in my mind  about what it was that I was seeing; I believe they may have been two males in combat or a female and a male having a difference of opinion.
These two birds were so involved in their struggle they completely ignored the traffic and fell to where they were just 3 to 4 feet above the highway pavement.
As we approached them I kept thinking that they would break apart and fly up and out of the way. We were nearly upon them when the white hawk let loose it's hold on the dark and flew straight up and out of the way.
But it was too late for the dark hawk.
Just as it gathered itself to fly upward, we were there and collided with it.
I put my arm up in front of my face just as the bird hit the windshield. The noise was loud and horrendous!

Due to the modern wonders of safety glass, I'm still here. The impact left a large crazy spiderweb of cracked glass on 80% of the windshield.  Tons of small splinters and shards of glass flew all about us. The impact of the hawk's body on the windshield was so forceful it broke the plastic housing around the rear view mirror. The pieces flew down around my ankles,hitting and scratching my elbow as they descended. The only thing keeping the rear view mirror attached to the roof of the car was the thick cable it was attached to.

We were stunned!

We drove into Shamrock Texas to collect our wits, find a vacuum at the nearest car wash, so we could vacuum up all the glass and make some calls to find the nearest  Benz car dealer who could repair our windshield.
Turned out the nearest was 400 miles away in Albuquerque, N.M.
That's where we went.
 I jerked  and flinched every time a bird flew by the car.
It's an experience I'll never forget.

I've learned that the hawk is considered a messenger bird and is associated with Jupiter.
 I'm still puzzling over just what the message might be. Or even if there is a message.

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