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The Lovers/ Lesson Six

Jean Dodal Tarot( 1701-1715)
of Lyon- a classic Marseilles deck

Rider Tarot

Liz Dean , Art of Tarot Deck
Adam and Eve stand in the Garden of Eden. Above them an angel sends its blessings suggesting a spiritual or karmic bond between the couple. Adam looks to Eve , who looks to the angel. The mountain stands between the Lovers suggesting that there are conflicts or differences that could become issues in the relationship.

The Lovers card is about choice, not quite apparent in the Rider Tarot deck. Older versions of this card shows a man standing between two women. One woman looks older and quite matronly so most see this image as a maternal figure.
The man looks to his mother, who looks to the young woman, who's eyes are downcast. This suggests the man is seeking  his mothers approval.
Symbolism comes into play in readings regarding love and they could suggest the man has to chose between his mother and his lover.  Or the man compares his romantic interest to his first love, his mother. He may be comparing the positive attributes that he associates to his mother with his lover.
This card could also be suggesting that a mother has to much control in the relationship or that the man is to attached to his mother and may not be able to form a relationship with his lover.
  There is always the possibility that a choice must be made between an older woman and a younger one suggesting an indiscretion.
The Lovers card does not have to address physical love concerns. It can also appear simply when a choice has to be made. And to guide the seeker to listen to his/her heart when making the choice and avoid letting others interfere or get involved.
One must consider the surrounding cards before an interpretation.

Study the Rider and Marseilles cards. Which figures do you most closely associate with?
What choices have you had to make in the name of love?
Did you discover after the fact that you had chosen a mate with qualities like someone else you knew in life?
Have you found yourself in a relationship with "your mother or"your father"?

Do you look to others to help you make choices?
What do you base your decisions on ?

 I found these questions to be quite challenging to articulate answers while addressing them.
 What choices have you had to make in the name of love?
          Not to long after graduating from High School, I married my childhood sweetheart mainly due to religious pressure and the need to escape parental pressure.
 The marriage lasted less than two years. That relationship was very abusive for me in more ways than one.
And I learned the hard way, two wrongs don't make a right.
       I met the man to  whom I have been married to for  the last 38 years while I was married.
 Meeting my husband was like discovering the second half of myself.
    When I went for a job interview, I felt an instant connection to the Boss who was interviewing me.
The best way to describe the feeling is, for you to imagine that a very close friend and yourself are pretending that you have never meet before and are playing a role as interviewee and interviewer. The situation seems  very funny and you can hardly keep from laughing but you know you have to keep a straight face and play out the scene.
 Since we were both married to others at the time, there was a lot of opposition against our divorces from   from both sets of parents.
    That sentence doesn't do justice to all the drama we both had to endure.
 I had to find the courage/ backbone to go against everything I had been raised and taught concerning religion and parental authority to be with the man I loved.
I was only nineteen at the time.  I look back now and realize just how young I was; still a teenager  who had to make some very grownup decisions that were going to effect the rest of my life!
After we married it took some time for the parents to feel comfortable with our marriage.

My husband has been the person I have turned to in when it comes to making good choices. I greatly value his opinion and his insight.
As far as finding myself in relationships that echo either parent, I don't think I have. I consciously try to think what would my parents do or act in any given situation and then I usually do the opposite.

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Sunshineshelle said...

38 years have proved you made the right decision, and I'm sure for all involved, it would have been a terrible and unfair decision for all 4 in the 2 marriages to have remained in them when joining with the person you were destined to be with was obviously the right thing to do, brave decision, and pleased it was the right one too:)