Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Chariot Tarot Card-Lesson Eight

The Chariot card in a reading lets the seeker know that he/she is in the driver seat and can succeed if he/she is determined enough. The card doesn't insure that the journey will be smooth and uneventful, but as long as the seeker keeps their hands on the reins and keeps the horses on course, the seeker will end up at the desired destination.
Classic Rider Image

The classic Rider image shows a man dressed in armor riding in a chariot of sorts. In front of him are two sphinx, one black and one white. The man stands tall and in his right hand is a scepter or wand.

In most decks the animals are horses, but there maybe dog like animals and sometimes a strange two headed creature with four fore legs and no hind legs, facing in opposite directions like a pushme-pullyou.
The horses pull at the reins and each horse appears to be headed in a different direction.
Here is the idea of control.
The man must control two opposing forces. He uses not only his physical strength but his strong will too.
The colors of the horses indicate opposite forces at play. This can be anything from points of view to good and evil. This card shows that in order to achieve one's goal one must master the two forces and harness the combined strengths towards the goal.
From a simple aspect this card along with others can indicate literal travel.The seeker may be physically traveling or the seeker may be moving on in their life or moving towards something new.

  When the Chariot card shows up in a reading it's likely the seeker has a goal that may not seem easy to achieve but yet the cards appearance assures that it is within their control despite the odds.

 In thinking about the Chariot in your own life, can you remember any time when you felt the need to combine seemly opposite forces?
What were the forces?
When have you experienced success through shear determination and will?

Remove the Chariot card from your deck and lay it down face up. Shuffle the deck and pick another card to clarify the Chariot's meaning to you.
Use any reference material to interpret this, or you can give it a try using your intuition.
Ideally, try using your intuition first, and then look up meanings in a book, online etc. and note any similarities.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

And, keeping up the driving analogy, the Chariot reversed means you've run off into the ditch, turned the chariot upside down or are stuck in the mud, in both cases your wheels are spinning uselessly.

The Chariot is my Soul Card. I've experienced its upright and reversed meanings my entire life, LOL!

Paulette said...

I'm still learning all the meanings the cards may take.
Thanks for giving me some new insights to work with:)