Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beltane... Musings From a Still Somewhat Beginner

There is so much to learn and absorb when one begins to follow the Path and study the Craft.
I'm still learning how to celebrate and honor the solstices and the Sabbaths.
 Being a Solitary, its not like I have a Teacher or Mentor, other than my books so it takes time some time to acquire the needed knowledge.
As a child I always loved the idea of celebrating the first of May with flowers and a joyous nod to Springtime.
 Now that I know the true knowledge of the Time. I'm gathering altar ideas, recipes and rituals.
Scott Cunningham's Book , A Guide for the Solitary practitioner has a recipe for Crescent cakes( almond butter cookies) I'll be baking.
 Beltane Eve we will be hosting our neighborhood's annual homeowners meeting. I'll have white and green candles burning on the mantel over the fireplace, white and yellow fresh flowers in vases sitting about and I'll be serving the cookies.
Anyone have any ideas for anything else I might want to do?
I'll take all and any suggestions.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Would the good folk at the Homeowners Meeting be open to running around nekkid in the fields with wild sexual abandon in order to encourage the fertility of the earth? You know them better than I do.

Paulette said...

We're a very small neighborhood of empty nesters, 7 homes in all. The idea of seeing wild abandon from this group on first thought was a laugh followed by an ooooo ugh!!
I think spiking their tea or decaf coffee, sending them on home with a few cookies and letting the crumbs fall where they may a better idea...

Now, Deb, if I can just get the images you planted out of my head....LOL