Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The High Priestess- Lesson Three

The High Priestess is the third lesson in the Black Crow Tarot course.
She is the Goddess, the Seer and the Witch.
She sits before a veil with a black pillar marked with a B on one side and a white pillar marked with a J on the other.
She holds a scroll half hidden in her robe on her lap. On her head sits a crown with a moon and a horn on each side. The hem of her dress ripples into water.
The veil behind her is painted with pomegranates which are sacred to Hecate and Persephone.
Hecate, who is an underworld goddess and the keeper of the keys between that world and this one.
The moons in the tarot always hint at something hidden or secret. Sometimes it could be something that the seeker is not aware of yet.
When the High priestess comes up in a reading there are a few possible themes.
it could be regarding a spiritual matter. Possibly a change in a belief, path or religion. The card may indicate a person coming into the seekers life who maybe a great influence. There maybe a situation where a decision has to be made. The High Priestess encourages us to use our intuition to guide us.
As guardian at the gate to the underworld she can appear when one is dealing with the darker side of life such as death or separation or resolving life affecting issues.
The card encourages exploring secrets. She prompts us to pay attention, not only to intuition but to dreams, coincidences and memories.

1)Do you feel personally connected to this image of the High Priestess? If so what qualities do you have in common?
I  sense a connection where it comes to one paying attention to dreams, visions and intuition. I've experienced dreams that proved to be cautionary symbols of a coming physical ailment , where in the body it would occur and to some extent of how severe it would be.
2) If the High Priestess showed up in a reading for you, what do you think her message might be?
At this time in my life I might think it would be dealing with our relocating and moving to another state. Moving is a very life affecting situation. It's never easy and proves to have a lot of challenges.
3) Of the three cards studied so far, The Fool, The Magician and the High Priestess, which do you connect to the most? Why?
Which characteristics of each do you connect to the least? Why?

I've found characteristics that I identify with in all the cards so far whether it is the willingness to head off into new adventures like the Fool, the determination to achieve my goal like the Magician or the courage to explore the secrets of a situation and the openness to use my intuition like the High Priestess.

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