Monday, March 18, 2013

The Empress/ Lesson Four

The Empress is number III in the major Arcana of the Tarot. She is Earth Mother, abundance, fruitfulness and all that is feminine and natural.
She sits on her throne in a garden,pregnant with life. She is comfortable with her fertility,kindness and her ability to flourish through nurturing others.
The Empress represents the power inherent in women, one not of force but of flow, repetition, cycles and seasons.
The card may represent a kind gentle nurturing  mother or pregnancy either the seeker or in the seeker's life.. It may indicate growth in other situations such as a goal, dream or a wish. But one that needs mothering and tending to for it to grow.
This card can represent a person, male or female who seems to create naturally.
On the other hand the card may represent someone in the seeker's life or the seeker themselves , who maybe to mothering, smothering, some what intrusive and worrying about their baby.
The Empress is a goddess and she knows it!
Think of people you know or have known who have the characteristics of the Empress.
Think about your own mother and her comfort or discomfort with the role of mothering.
What part of you connects with feminine energies? How do they express themselves/
What do you give birth to?
What do you nurture?
What are the gifts of the Empress personally and globally?

In thinking about who do I know that has Empress qualities I immediately thought of my younger sister.
She is a mother of six children, a pastors wife and therefore mother to their church family. She home schools her children, manages the household and still finds time for herself. She amazes me.
My mother was very young when she married. She had three children in three years. I believe that her youth and inexperience, mental and physical health issues put a great burden on her.
 In looking back on my childhood I think she struggled with being a mother and I don't think she was happy. But by the time my sister was born Mother had matured more. There were five of us, myself being the third and middle child.
 I do believe my sister and I were raised by two different mothers but the same woman.
There is 10 1/2 years between myself and my younger sister.
I have two sons 5 1/2 years apart. I wasn't sure that I could be a good mother. And I always worried was I doing things right.
I think my Empress like energies are expressed through my art and my need to create it.
Creating, making art is necessary to my health and well being. I can not stop doing my art, it is like breathing.
Without it I would die.

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