Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Emperor/ Lesson Five

The Emperor sits on a stone throne. He is a stern no nonsense individually, who is emotionally guarded illustrated by his armor.
The Emperor as Aries the naturally follows the Empress and is the mars to her Venus, her lover, her compliment, Father to her Mother, civilization to her nature and imposed order to her creativity.
He is the All Father giving his children structure they need in their lives to help them be responsible adults.
He is wise due to his years of study, position or lifestyle which has made him an authority figure.

Often this card literally represents the Father in the reading or a father authority figure.
In a negative sense The Emperor appears when there is a controlling figure or force present.

In the positive it can represent the voice of reason, the stern yet wise counselor that part of ourselves which is ready and willing to fight for what we want, need and believe in. The Emperor card is the "who's the boss?" To the seeker it could be address being in control over ones' body, temper and or love life.

 One must remember that in tarot reading certain cards will hint at certain issues. Tarot reading is communication with the spirit world and symbolism is the language. By learning the language we can communicate with spirit. It is a two way street in that spirit will learn the way in which we interpret the symbols too.
Even as one learns all the interpretations for a card, one will tend to have an overall knowing about each card and the spirit world is aware of this. It becomes important to take note  about first instincts and feelings about each card.

What are your first feelings about this card?
Do you possess any of the traits of the Emperor? If so do you find them useful?
Who are the Emperors in your life? Have they helped or hindered you?
What are your feelings about authority? Do you tend to resent or respect it?

When I first read the traits of the Emperor, I immediately thought of my husband. He is very knowledgeable, wise and has loads of common sense in just about all things. I've always admired his ability to see to the heart of a matter and how to go about the right way in resolving the problem.
I have learned much from this man but I have felt sometimes that I am being overran and am in danger of losing myself and who I am.
 I've never considered myself a leader but more like a good right hand who helps implement.
I've always had a healthy skepticism when it comes to authority figures. I need to know that they are truly knowledgeable in their positions of authority and that they won't abuse it.

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