Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning.....

Feels like I'm being pulled in all directions with no clear goal as to what needs attention first.
 I do know that Spring Fever is taking control. I feel it in my fingers and toes. My fingers itch to dig in the dirt and my toes want to feel the grass.  Mother Earth, Gaia, is calling me.

It's to soon, I whisper, stop teasing me!

The need to touch, smell and see Spring plant life surges like a fever in my blood.
With sleet, rain and snow flakes pelting down outside my window, I turn to my herb cabinet.
My herb cabinet needs a good cleaning. It's time to get rid of the old past potency herbs to make room for the new.
As I inventoried, it came to me how my knowledge about herbs and oils has grown in the last three years.
When I began on the Path I purchased my herbs and oils. Being filled with a beginners excitement I purchased or tried to purchase every herb I read about in any and all potions, teas etc. With every jar I filled, I filled myself with happiness knowing I had found my calling.
     Now with a little knowledge under my belt about who I am and what herbs I find I need and want to work with,  I look at my herb cabinet and see items I haven't used and probably won't use.
Knowing how long I have had them  they are more than likely are out of date or past their prime.
 As I inventory deciding what stays and what is returned to Mother Earth, smelling my herbs and their scents of summer, tasting their summer flavors or lack there of I find I feel a little more in control of my raging spring fever.
And when I am through I will have a clean herb cabinet ready for the coming season.


Padhopper® said...

I can relate. Some have closets full of clothing, past their prime .... we Pagans have herbs and teas *lol*

Paulette said...

It's comforting to know someone else understands herb cabinet cleaning.
Got an over abundance of something you might to share?
I do.
Let me know if you're interested, Padhopper or anyone else.