Saturday, March 16, 2013

As I study Aine O'Brien's Black Crow  Tarot Course, I find that not only am I learning a lot about the cards but about myself as well.
As I have worked on the exercises following each lesson ,I've had a few revelations concerning myself and relationships in my family.

A friend gave me, Barbara G. Walker's book, The Secrets of the Tarot, Origins, History and Symbolism, to read. I'm finding that Aine's  Course and the information I'm getting from the book seem to complement each other nicely.
Aine lectures on the meanings and interpretations of the cards more while Ms. Walker's book focuses more on the history. Together I feel as though I'm getting a good base for Tarot reading.
Per Aine's basic instructions for having a notebook to record information and insights while studying the Course. I took a basic composition notebook, created a cover for it and an introductory page.
I am very glad that I am taking part in the Black Crow Tarot Course.

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Aine O'Brien said...

Thank you Paulette! I'm glad to hear you are getting so much out of the course. I absolutely LOVE your notebook. It's beautiful!