Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Magican

The Magician is a confident person who truly believes that with enough determination, with enough will,  he (and anyone) can create reality.
He or she may be literally a magician or someone who works with the occult. He/she may be a spiritual guide or leader, a friend or a counselor who shows us how to tap into our own magic. She may be an artist, confident and determined to create.
 As a situation, the Magician card suggests the study and mastery of a skill. The card is about achieving one's goal, but it more about the way in which the goal is achieved, through the unwavering will of the seeker.
There is no room for doubt or lack of confidence when the Magician shows up in a reading..
The card can represent success in personal development if the seeker is working on self improvement. It assures that help is within but it will take discipline and will to see it through.
 One must consider the cards surrounding the Magician in a reading.  It can represent the help of a professional in certain cases.
  If you pull the Magician card for yourself here are questions to consider-

Am I confident in my ability to achieve my goals or is my mind ( lack of will power/ self esteem) sabotaging my plans?

One stumbling block that I have is I over think a situation usually not for the better or I allow the negatives of a situation to over whelm me. Therefore I am working on being positive by keeping my mind off any negatives, not allowing myself to voice any negatives and looking for ways to help me achieve my goals.

My Mother has always allowed herself to become overwhelmed with life. She is a constant worrier. Having watched her literally make herself sick with worry when I was a child at home. I learned that first one does "everything "one can possibly do in any given situation and then you step back and let life happen.

Do I have the physical tools needed to reach my goal? Being an artist I have learned to gather needed materials before I begin an art project.
Do I allow others to help with the goal?
Am I being called to help someone with his/her dream?


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