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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Soft Sculptures and an Etsy Shop?



Mexican Goddess


Triple Goddess
I've been contemplating opening an Etsy shop to sell my soft sculptures and mixed media art that has a Pagan theme. I was wondering if you might think that there would be a market for my art.
I'd love some input.
Please let me know what you might think or suggest on the subject.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Magican

The Magician is a confident person who truly believes that with enough determination, with enough will,  he (and anyone) can create reality.
He or she may be literally a magician or someone who works with the occult. He/she may be a spiritual guide or leader, a friend or a counselor who shows us how to tap into our own magic. She may be an artist, confident and determined to create.
 As a situation, the Magician card suggests the study and mastery of a skill. The card is about achieving one's goal, but it more about the way in which the goal is achieved, through the unwavering will of the seeker.
There is no room for doubt or lack of confidence when the Magician shows up in a reading..
The card can represent success in personal development if the seeker is working on self improvement. It assures that help is within but it will take discipline and will to see it through.
 One must consider the cards surrounding the Magician in a reading.  It can represent the help of a professional in certain cases.
  If you pull the Magician card for yourself here are questions to consider-

Am I confident in my ability to achieve my goals or is my mind ( lack of will power/ self esteem) sabotaging my plans?

One stumbling block that I have is I over think a situation usually not for the better or I allow the negatives of a situation to over whelm me. Therefore I am working on being positive by keeping my mind off any negatives, not allowing myself to voice any negatives and looking for ways to help me achieve my goals.

My Mother has always allowed herself to become overwhelmed with life. She is a constant worrier. Having watched her literally make herself sick with worry when I was a child at home. I learned that first one does "everything "one can possibly do in any given situation and then you step back and let life happen.

Do I have the physical tools needed to reach my goal? Being an artist I have learned to gather needed materials before I begin an art project.
Do I allow others to help with the goal?
Am I being called to help someone with his/her dream?


Monday, February 4, 2013

Studying Tarot Cards/ The Fool

Aine over at is giving a tarot course.
Synchronicity has been at work again in my life.  I was searching through my art magazines looking for a creative spark. I wanted to find some inspiration for a new art project.
I came a cross an art project concerning the creating of  a diptych.
 Finding my subject and then creating the piece lead me to playing cards, which lead me to the history of playing cards, which in turn lead me to tarot cards and their history.
It felt like I have been walking on stepping stones down a path I needed take to a subject I needed to learn.
 When I discovered Aine was leading a Tarot Course I knew I needed to sign up and follow along.

The Fool card suggests a novice at the start of his journey. He walks forth facing pitfalls of which he is unaware. His dog at his heels is primal and watches for signs that tell him there may be danger ahead. While The Fool maybe well aware of the dangers of his actions, there is another stronger urge that pushes him to begin or continue his journey.'
The Fool stage is often life changing. The card may represent the seeker or someone in the seekers life. It can heralded a major life change, a decision or an opportunity that is about to appear.
Whatever it maybe it requires faith, trust and  determination to see it through.

Questions asked:

1) Are you or is someone you know like the Fool?
2) How do you feel about the energy of the Fool? Would you like to be more like the Fool or do you see him as a dreamer unable to makeup his mind, stay on the path and see thing to the end?
3)Have there been times when you have behaved like the Fool?
4)Are there any characters in books or movies, celebrities or other famous people who you think as having a "Fool" personality?

I recognize that I have a lot of the Fool in me. There are many aspects that I immediately related to. I enjoy trying new adventures and situations.  And I too have let myself get entangled in predicaments that I knew were not good but I blundered on.  The problems that occurred because of those actions I deeply regret.

 As I have aged I have learned that having the adventurous side of the Fool is not wrong. One must temper the enthusiasm of the Fool with the thoughtfulness of being prepared for possible problems along the way.

As far as identifying Fool characters in books or movies,  right off hand I think of the character Dorthy in the book The Wizard of Oz.
She puts herself into a situation and then must work herself out of it with no knowledge of what pitfalls she  or faces or what her talents truly are

Sunday, February 3, 2013

To The Bone

Magaly  over at is hosting a Witches in Fiction To The Bone blog hop/ blog along concerning Bones.
She puts forth this quote as her inspiration-
Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at i, bury it, unearth it and gnaw it still.
 by  Henry David Thoreau
                 She challenges that we  begin blogging to the bone . We search for bones, everything bones, be it in literature, poetry, spirituality, paintings, crafts, history, myth, anthropology, medicine, music, photos etc.
 Post it on our blogs with links back to hers starting April 1st through the 13th. There will be giveaways.
I've already flashed on several bones that I will be searching for and unearthing.
This is going to be fun and very interesting. I can't wait to see what other fellow bloggers bring to the table.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Studying The Muses

The Nine Greek Muses are-
Clio- History, Symbols: books and scrolls
Calliope-Epic poetry, Symbol: writing tablet and pencil
Erato-Love poetry, Symbols: cithara ( a type of lyre)
Euterpe-Song, Symbol: aulos ( in the flute family)
Melpomene-Tragedy, Symbol: the tragic mask
Polyhymnia-Hymns, Songs of Prayers, Geometry, Symbols: a veil
Terpsichore-Dance, Symbol: lyre
Thalia-Comedy, Symbol: comic mask and wreaths of ivy
Urania-Astronomy, Symbols: globe and compass
These nine lovely ladies were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, goddess of memory.
Diodorus Siculus, Greek historian, who wrote works of history between 60 and 30 BC states Osiris first recruited the nine muses along with Satyrs or male dancers while passing through Ethiopia before embarking on a tour of all Asia and Europe, teaching the arts of civilization where ever he went.
These Greek goddesses of art and inspiration are the most familiar ancient deities today. Our words music, museums and to muse on something still evoke their presence.
These goddesses are ancient; they were being worshiped when the Greeks came down from the north to the peninsula that is named for them.
The Greeks reinvented them into a group of siblings, all daughters of Memory and set Apollo up master of the group.
 Some ancient literature talks of just three muses, symbolic of the way an artist creates: Melete (practicing), Mneme (remembering), and Aoide (singing).
To further complicate and confuse matters the group as a whole had many names usually derived from places that were sacred to them such as streams , rivers,  and mountains.

The Muses were so connected to nature that their connections to art and civilization seems curious.
Our foremothers knew that art is a part of nature.  Before she was an artifact of culture, the Muse was a force of nature. She was the womanly presence that spoke in the woodlands, that sang in the bubbling streams and danced in the ocean waves.  The artist looked upon all the beauty of nature and brought it unto the people to enjoy.
The quality of the art is special when the artist works to become a clear channel from the divine.
To the original worshipers of the Muses, the divine lives within and speaks through nature's beauty.

To move into a creative relationship with the Muses, do just that move. The Muses are not served by a contemplative order. To honor them we must create.
 They speak clearest in nature, in the wind, in the sound of water and in the swishing and murmurings of the
trees.   Go outside; spend time in your yard, in a park or down the street in a vacant field.
They are there waiting for you.

The Goddess Path, Myths,Invocations and Rituals by Patricias Monagham