Saturday, January 5, 2013

Letters, Snail Mail and Such

In 2011, Faye over at began a pagan pen pal snail mail list for those who were interested in exchanging letters.
I added my name to the list and checked it often in the beginning.
I noticed a lot of women younger than myself were eagerly posting and connecting up.
I felt a little disappointed, so I chose to reach out. Found a very nice woman younger than myself who answered and we began a correspondence.
Turns out fate would have it that this Pen Pal lived in an area very close to family of mine. My family there is very grounded in their beliefs and would probably be appalled to learn of mine.
     I got cold feet.
 My mind began contriving what ifs and thinking on how small some places can be and who knows who, so on and so on. I had good intentions but my follow through caved.
 I am sorry, Pen Pal friend.
I chalked it up to being and feeling still very new to the Craft and not wishing stir up trouble, real and or imagined.

Most of 2012 I was ill and dealing with dental issues and surgeries, plus helping my children move half way across the country and missing them like crazy.
 We have put our home up for sale as well and we are dealing with what all that entails.

      To my surprise I got an e-mail right before Christmas from a young woman who had seen my name on the Pen Pal list.
I had to go back to the list and reread what I had written then, so I could have a starting point to begin a conversation with her. Now I'm formulating what I will write to this young woman and how I might  find a common ground , a starting place from which to begin our letter writing.

When I went to  reread my intro on the Pen Pal list , imagine my surprise to find two other women had left me  responses last year.
Now I've got to get busy and reach out to these ladies, hope they're still interested.
 I also hope  that I have grown enough to find the courage and the will to hold back my insecurities and doubts so I can be an active participant in this venture of letter writing.

 It is beginning to look like I may be doing a lot of writing in the new year.

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Laura said...

i signed up for a pen pal list a few years ago (general - not pagan based) and had 3 responses. I wrote to each one. One never wrote back after the first letter. I exchanged letters with another for several months, but then they stopped. The third, I still get letters from occasionally and she has done a much better job of writing to me than I have to her.
with daily health issues, things get left behind and unfortunately writing is one of them. i hope to do a better job of it this year and may look into the website you listed to find some "like-minded" pen pals. :-)