Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book of Shadows, Grimoires and Plain Ole Notebooks

Pagan Art Journal
Fabric Covered Composition Notebook

Hedge Witch Journal
I have been asked the question , "Do I have a BOS?"
The answer is yes, in fact several.
 To clarify,  I should say  I have several working notebooks and one hard bound book that I am transforming into my official Book of Shadows.
Phyllis Curott in her book, Witch Crafting, A Spiritual Study Guide to Making Magic, talks about creating a BOS.
  She advises  that your BOS is your personal compilation of invocations, rituals, spells, and magical techniques which you work and which you find powerful, meaningful, effective and evocative.
It is also her opinion that while there are many methods of recording your magical efforts ,writing by hand helps you memorize and also infuses your book with your magical energy.

Page from Practical Magic movie BOS
I totally agree with that statement.

As a basic Table of Contents for your BOS, P Curott recommends
1-Title Page
2-Dedication page
3-Invocation of the Goddess
4-Invocation of the God
5-Diagrams for you altar and markings for your working tools
6-In Sacred Space i.e.
  Purification of self, elements, of the Circle, grounding & meditation, Casting the Circle,Invocations, Statement of purpose, magic/ritual/spell etc. grounding and libation
7-Closing the Circle
9-Esbats,Full Moon rituals,chants,dances,songs, words of wisdom, quotes etc.10-
Wisdom and Insights
11-Tools of the Craft
12-Magical Information,
   table of correspondences,spells,potions,sigils, info. on herbs, stones,candles, crystals, magical alphabets etc.
Remember this will be your book, add what ever speaks to you or is meaningful to you.


Danni said...

I also have several notebooks, journals and sketchpads kicking about filled with my personal notes, sketches, correspondences, etc. I'm working on making a wood covered post bound book to use as my polished Grimoire; with all of my most treasured works included.

Paulette said...

Sounds like your polished BOS will be quite lovely and unique.

It seems to me that each new course of study one take requires its own book. Which is fine.
It just requires one to have a good memory about what info is in which book!
I see that there will possibly be a concordence in my future?!

Laura said...

i have a small book that i used to carry around with me that i could use to record spur of the moment spells, ideas, etc. i have a notebook that i was using as my main bos, but i've never really been happy with it. i'm going to have to add that book to my list of things i need to read. :-)

Paulette said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you for the comment..I too wanted to have a main BOS.
I wanted it to be a hard cover and have a lot of pages to work with.
I found at Barnes & Nobles, a large heavy, hard covered, sketch book.
If you're interested , you might check out what they have.
Blessings to you as well.