Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Mabon

I'm a little late posting my greeting but we've been in a bit of a whirl around here.
We're in the middle of trying to sell our home. This weekend we had multiple showings but no no positive results as of yet.
I was able to harvest some of my herbs and clean up the beds a little. There's bunches of sage, rosemary and parsley drying on my rack.
I did find a small quiet moment to watch the last light of Summer fade away and to welcome Autumn in.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Altered Witch Shoe Challenge

Tomorrow is the Altered Autumn Witch Shoe Challenge over at Frosted Petunias.

I've been busy creating my Shoe for the Challenge. I decided to do a Little Fairy Witch's Shoe. The little shoe is one that my boys wore when they were babies.  Somewhere in all the  house moves that we have made over the years I lost one of the pair.   As I was cleaning out closets and drawers the other day I came across the shoe and having just read about the Challenge I decided to use it as my subject.

The shoe was a dirty white to begin with and I painted it with black acrylic paint.  Orange Halloween Ribbon printed with a black design was used for the shoelace.   The tips of the shoelaces are red and blue star beads.
The little girl was copied from an old cabinet card. I glued the image to sturdy watercolor paper and then cut it out. Butterfly wings and witch's hat was added as well as her little jack o'lantern head dolly.   I glued the photo to a large cork and then glued the cork down in the heel of the shoe.   I used orange colored tulle to make the ruffle.
 For a shoe dangle I found a lobster claw clasp in my junk drawer. I strung a crescent moon charm, little crystal ball and a little bottle of pixie dust.  It still needed a little more glitz so I added some sparkle glitter glue around the top of the sole of the shoe, a sparkly spider web and little bug eyed spider

I am not the best photographer by any means but I hope you'll be able to see  how the shoe turned out.

I'm anxious to go and see the shoes everyone else has created for this event on the first day of Fall!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The cold front has moved in and temps have dropped so much that it feels like Fall. We've had rain recently and the mushrooms are popping up like popcorn.
I got out my mushroom book and discovered I have honey mushrooms growing in my front lawn. Supposedly they are edible but since I'm not an expert I will prudently refrain from partaking.
Doesn't mean that I won't dry a few for magical spell purposes.

There's a hugh red Maple tree that  I see on my afternoon rides in the country. It is always the first tree around here that begins to change colors in the Fall. Today it had greenish orange tinted leaves on the tips of it's branches.
And with the sighting I got this wave of longing for Fall.
I love the sights,smells and feel of Autumn don't you!?
When we were down in Texas this august I had my first drink of hard Cider. I loved it.
So I'm raising my glass to Fall and welcoming it back home again.
I've missed you!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween Craft Blog Party

I found this cool Made This for Hallowe'en Craft Blog Party over at the domestic pagan.Since I'm already working on two altered art books and two magical Herbs Spice and Teas and Pretty Poisons and Potions Apothecary cabinets I figured I had a shot of getting some of them completed in time for the

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Following a Pagan Path

Danni over at  Whimsical Cottage posed a question the other day that got me thinking. She asked, How has your relationship with the  spirits, deities,ancestors, etc. changed throughout your journey on the Pagan path? How did you find them? Did they call to you and did they you hear them sooner , rather than later?

First I need to make a declaration of what I have come to believe.  The following statements come to the closest to how I feel.
When one defines oneself as pagan, it means she or he follows an earth or nature religion.
One that sees the divine in all creations. We worship a deity that is both female and male, a Mother Goddess, a Father God who together created all that is, was or will be. We respect life and cherish freewill and accept the sacredness of all creation.  by Edwain McCoy

In trying to address Danni's questions, I related to her how three Goddesses have come to me and how they made themselves known,
The first was Athena. When I began this path I was reading everything I could find on the subject. I found answers to religious questions that I have had since I was a child. I felt like I had finally found my place ,I had come home.
  In my reading I began to identify with many of Athena's characteristics but because I am a mature woman in her 50's and am not a maid any longer. I had my doubts about the signs I was receiving. Evening walks came to be moments of magic for me. I have had three feathers at different times come floating down to me. All I had to do was put out my hand and let them land in it. I thought at first they might be Blue Jay  feathers but not being sure I began to do some research and found on a Nature site that these feathers were Dove feathers.
 During this time I had gone to the bookstore and on the sale bin cart was this book, The Secret Language of Birds, A Treasury of Myth, Folklore & Inspirational True Stories by Adele Nozedar.
There was only one copy and it was in mint condition for $2.00. It honestly felt like it had been placed there for me to find. In her book Adele lists Athena as one of the Goddesses that the Dove is associated with.

I had been and am seeking knowledge and wisdom plus the strength to pursue this path. I realized Athena held the persistence and backbone I needed. I felt that she had chosen me.

Also during this time we took a trip out to Santa Fe to visit a relative.  We went to the Petrogylph National Park in Albuquerque, NM.  As we climbed on the rocks looking at the ancient symbols left there, I found a stone that had a goddess spiral etched upon it.   After we left the park we stopped at a McDonalds to get drinks. I went in to purchase them. Carrying the cardboard drink tray, I stepped out into the late afternoon sun and was surprised to find a roadrunner bird walking toward me. To say I was amazed is an understatement.  The bird cautiously followed me to my car before it went back into the brush.
 I just knew at the time this encounter meant something but I didn't know exactly what.
I've since begun studying Patricia Monaghan's book The Goddess Path.
 One of the chapters is about Hera, the chief goddess of ancient Greece.
One of her symbols is the cuckoo. I wanted to know what this bird looked like so I did some research on the web and found a picture plus this tidbit of information. There is a member of the cuckoo family found here in the South Western States of America, it is the Greater Roadrunner.
Here I had been reading about how the goddesses choose you and how they make themselves known and wondering  if and where they would reveal themselves to me.
So far it seems that Goddesses have made themselves known to me, it just takes me a little bit to understand that they have.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Discovering New and Wonderful Blogs plus Awards!

I have been nominated by DragonflyJ over at for a Sunshine award. It is so humbling to know that someone is brighten by my ramblings and my art. Thank you Dragonfly J.

Now apparently there are some steps one takes when excepting an award. There are questions to be answered, a sort of getting to know you kind of thing.

Here they are:

1. Who is your favorite Philosopher?
Humm,  Not sure that I have one but I do collect quotes that really speak to me from different people.

2. What  is your favorite number?
That's easy 3, 6 and 9, multiples of the Goddesses.

3.What is your Facebook & Twitter URLs?
Sorry , have neither.

4. What's your favorite time of day?
Had to ponder this question for a while but I realized I like those special magic hours of dusk and dawn when it is neither day or night.

5.What is your favorite vacation?
I like vacations that take you out into the fresh air and into Mother Nature. One particular vacation comes to mind, I climbed up three wooden ladders ( a total of 70 feet) at Bandelier National Monument, N.M. to reach the Alcove House, an Indiana Kiva. I am deathly afraid of heights, climbing those ladders was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done and when I reached the Alcove I was exhilarated!!

6.What is your favorite physical activity?

7.  What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Tea, either hot or cold and in any and all flavors

8.What is your favorite flower?
I love all kinds of flowers so it's hard to choose just one. Orange colored roses have a special meaning for me as do honeysuckle and lilacs.

 9.What is your  passion?
That's easy , my art!

The next requirement is to pick at least ten blogs that I particularly like.
Here's my list:

 There are many more great blogs and I discover more everyday!