Saturday, December 8, 2012


Holly- Ilex Holly
Holly is a family of evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers from the tropics to temperate zones worldwide.
The European holly is ilex aquifolium. It has simple alternate glossy leaves , typically spiny toothed or serrated leaf margins, inconspicuous greenish white four petaled flowers. The red berries they produce are technically drupes.
Holly is traditionally known for protection from lightening strikes. Science has caught up to folk tales. It has been discovered that the spines on the distinctively shaped holly leaves can act as mini lightening conductors, thereby protecting the tree and other near by objects.
Holly wood was at one time among the traditional wood for creating the Great Highland bagpipes.

Holly is associated with the thunder gods, Thor and Taranis.
Holly folk names are are Christ's thorn, Hulver bush, Bat's wings and Tinne.
 An old Roman custom was to send gifts of holly branches to their friends during Saturnalia celebrations at Winter Solstice.
It's element id Fire.
Holly incense is used to consecrate the magical knife, asthame.
It's gender is masculine.
It's planetary association is Mars.
The herb is used for protection, consecration, healing, peace, goodwill and luck.

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