Friday, November 2, 2012

The ( Secret) Journal of Miss Ruby Temple Blackchurch

clairvoyance 1) the ability to perceive things that are not in sight or that can not be seen
2) keen perception; great insight

  After reading Daniel Webster's dictionary 's meaning of the word clairvoyance, I knew I had finally found the name for that clear steady voice in my head which whispers of things to come.
It has been a constant companion all my life.
 The first time I heard it I was twelve years old. My best girlfriend C____ and her family were hosting a Halloween party on their small farm.
     The barn had been decorated with bundles of corn stalks and piles of dark orange pumpkins. The smells of apples, popcorn and hot chocolate filled the air along with an under current of fresh mowed hay and wet fallen leaves.
      The invitation had instructed that we were to arrive in mask and costume. We wouldn't be allowed to say who we were until our identities had been ascertained with questions that required yes or no answers.
      My friend's older brother fancied himself  a wit and a good guesser. He took it upon himself to find out my identity. I remember sitting there upon the rough wooden plank that served as a bench, answering his questions.  Looking up at him through the eyes of my mask, a voice said " He will be your beau."
       L _____ was nine years older than I. That is just not possible, I thought. Mother was forever telling me my imagination was to big, I needed to be sensible or my imagination would get me into trouble. As I told myself I was being silly, in the back of my mind I knew it would be true.
   Five years later when I had my seventeenth birthday, L ___ had become a regular caller, walking out with me after church on Sundays. We'd go for buggy rides. Somehow he always managed to find shady places where we could stop , rest the horse and he would steal kisses from me.
      At first I thought I was head over heels in love with him but as I grew to know his character, his views about women and their place and his religious beliefs, I realized I wouldn't and couldn't marry him.
 One day after another spat with him, I sat crying in the parlor thinking over our history together when I remembered that Halloween evening and what my voice had told me.
Yes, it had been right!
 He would be a Beau and nothing else.
How had I known?

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