Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rite of Earth

Affirmation: I accept the richness and abundance of the universe. The pathway is always open for me to receive the gifts of the earth. I deserve the gifts of an abundant universe.

In Silver Ravenwolf's book, Hedge Witch, Spells, Crafts & Rituals for Natural Magick, the Rite of Earth is the third ritual.
I have been so immersed the last couple of months with creating for and celebrating Halloween that I find myself feeling a little empty now. The wheel has turned and I need to reconnect. I need my inner well refilled.
     When I feel this way I am drawn to nature. The need to go outside and walk around becomes overwhelming. The desire to touch Mother Earth is strong.
With this in mind I picked up my Hedge Witch book. It fell open to the Earth Rite.
 How perfect.
This rite concentrates on earth, associating this energy with the richness of the universe and the abundance of spiritual energy.
S.R uses this rite to teach the beginner how to create a hedge witch altar stone. It will represent a small sacred area where you can meditate, burn candles and work with your herbs. She also encourages you to get a plant to grow and take care of with the concept that as your garden grows without you grow within.

Since I have my altar stone already I will do a rededicating. For the next three days I will be cleaning up my altar area, repotting and working with my plants and gathering the supplies for the ritual.

When you feel in the need of renewing your inner well, what do you do?

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